Farmhouse Galvanized Striped Planter

Farmhouse Galvanized Striped Planter

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 20th 2017

I always find I crave a clean slate when the new year comes in after a few months of having all of the holiday décor up. I love bringing in fresh plants and greenery right after the holidays in kind of a Farmhouse Hygge fusion. I love the idea of comfort, and nesting, but I also love the rusticness of farmhouse style; I think they actually go really well together.

Items Needed:


I picked up a really pretty azalea from my grocery store, and it came in the cutest galvanized bucket. The bucket seemed a little blah, so I wanted to give it a fresh facelift.

Instruction Image #1

I used DecoArt Satin Enamels, because it has such great adhesion on metal, and smoother surfaces. It was such an easy update, and turned out so cute!

Instruction Image #2

Start by prepping by removing the plant and cleaning the surface, I wiped mine down and made sure it was free of dirt and oils. After that, I used painter’s tape to tape around my bucket, making sure the tape was pressed down all the way around on the edges. I then used a foam brush to paint on the Satin Enamels paint in Pure White.

Instruction Image #3

Once you have a few coats of the Satin Enamel on, with coverage that you like (mine took 2 coats), carefully remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

Instruction Image #4

Let the paint dry completely before putting the plant back in the bucket. 

Instruction Image #5

I love how pretty and fresh it looks, and it would be a nice way to update something plain to give as a gift as well, and add a touch of modern farmhouse style!

Instruction Image #6