Fashionable Leafy Autumn Scarf

Fashionable Leafy Autumn Scarf

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 7th 2014

Soft shades of turquoise, brown, and orange make this scarf the perfect accessory for fall.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • liner brush
    • #8 round brush
    • #6 round brush
    • silk scarf
    • old dish towel
    • five cups of water
    • old towel or plastic tablecloth
    • clothes hanger
    • handkerchief or clean white cloth


    1. Lay an old towel or plastic tablecloth on the work surface to protect it. Place the five cups of water in a row on it.
    2. Wet the silk scarf with water and wring it out slightly.
    3. Place a small amount of the scarf into each cup, allowing it to bunch up in sections. (The cups will catch the excess paint.)
    4. Place one color of SoSoft Fabric Paint at a time on the palette or plastic plate, add a little water, and stir well. (The paint should be the consistency of unset Jello.)
    5. Using a #8 round brush, dab on the paint in different places on the scarf. Repeat the process until you have used all the SoSoft Fabric colors and the scarf is covered.
    6. Let the scarf stay in the cups for about an hour and then place it on a clothes hanger. (Do not wring out.) Allow to dry outside for about 20 minutes.
    7. Cover the scarf with a damp handkerchief or clean white cloth and iron it on a medium setting.
    8. Lay one end of the scarf on an old dish towel and place the leaf pattern underneath the scarf. (The SoSoft background colors are so transparent that you can see the pattern through the scarf.)
    9. Instruction #8
    10. Use an index finger and thumb to hold the scarf slightly taunt in the area you will be painting. Using the #6 round brush, dab on Indian Turquoise and Burnt Sienna, slightly blending between the two colors. Once you have achieved the outline of the leaf, remove the pattern from underneath and finish filling in the leaf.
    11. Repeat the step above to apply three leaves to each end of the scarf.
    12. Using the handle end of the liner brush, add dots of Burnt Sienna around the leaf areas.
    13. Let dry for 48 hours and then hand wash, slightly wring out, and hang to dry.
    14. When dry, cover with a damp handkerchief or clean white cloth and iron on the medium setting to press out the wrinkles.


    Leaves Pattern