Father's Day Pallet Project

Father's Day Pallet Project

Posted by DecoArt on May 28th 2015

I wonder why Mother's Day gifts are often sentimental and Father's Day gifts are more practical?

Maybe dad's like practical gifts, but every once in a while (like on Father's Day), maybe a little dad-sentiment would be nice...

Items Needed:


If you don't have pallet wood sitting around, look for signs that are on sale at your local home store or craft store...off-season or out of style wood signs are in abundance and you can work a little magic on these in no time!

Instruction Image #1

My clearance sign was black, so I started by painting it with Chalky Finish paint...

Instruction Image #2

The paper I picked for my project is sage green script- to keep the wood color cohesive I brushed a little Americana Acrylic (Sea Glass) over the white...

Instruction Image #3

Just a little color wash makes a big difference. If you get too much color on the boards, just wipe some off with a damp cloth...

Instruction Image #4

I love the look of torn paper that leaves a little wood showing along the edges. The paper is easy to work with and goes on beautifully with Deco Page...

Instruction Image #5

Instruction Image #6

Now for the words! What are the first words you think of when you think of your dad!? Add these words to your papered piece...

You can easily use letter stencils and paint to add your words or do like I did and print out the words using different fonts- (be sure to print a mirror image)

If you're using printed words, trim close to the letters and apply Deco Page Photo Transfer Medium to the ink side and place onto the wood-leave overnight to dry completely...


Instruction Image #7

Using a damp cloth carefully moisten the letters and rub the paper carefully until you see your letters! Because you are using the transfer medium over the Deco Page Paper, some of your lettering may come off...I used a permanent marker to fill in all of my letters-

Instruction Image #8

To finish the sign, I gently sanded over the whole piece to give the letters a softer look...and added a coat of Deco Page Matte Sealer...

Yep, sometimes it's nice to give a little dad-sentiment! This sign along with a gift card to my dad's favorite restaurant will be the perfect Father's Day gift!

Instruction Image #9