Faux Metal Dipped Animal Figures

Faux Metal Dipped Animal Figures

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 14th 2020

Create these faux metal-dipped animals with Americana Decor® Matte Metallics™ and Chalky Finish paints.


    • plastic animal
    • medium flat brush
    • medium round brush
    • makeup sponge
    • masking tape


    1. Find plastic animal figures in various sizes, shapes, and kinds.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. For the first animal, paint its entire surface with Carbon using a medium flat brush. Allow to dry.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. For the second animal, paint its entire surface with Keepsake. Allow to dry.
    6. Instruction #3
    7. For the third animal, paint its entire surface with Romance and allow to dry.
    8. Instruction #4
    9. For a black animal, dot on Lace with the handle end of a paintbrush. Allow to dry.
    10. Instruction #5
    11. For a red animal, mask off the bottom half of the animal. (I chose to do the bottom half because my animal was a hippo.) Mask off an area for the last animal. (I chose to mask off the neck because mine was a giraffe.)
    12. Instruction #6
    13. Using a makeup sponge, dab on Gold Matte Metallic. Allow to dry. Paint on a second coat with a medium round brush. Allow to dry and remove tape.
    14. Instruction #7
    15. If your animal is small enough, try dipping its head or feet directly into the Gold Matte Metallic paint jar. It is fun to experiment.
    16. Instruction #8
    17. This project is a fun, metallic addition to any décor.
    18. Instruction #9