Find Your Inner Child

Find Your Inner Child

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 14th 2018

There may come times in our lives when we feel exhausted or anxious and as if a darkness inside us is eating on us, making happy thoughts or acting almost impossible. And even though we are all afraid of feeling this way, these are the times when we get the chance to advance in healing ourselves and become more authentic, as what we are experiencing is our Inner Child shouting out to us from deep within - trying to tell us, that we have forgotten about or locked away parts of our personalities that need to be lived as well. So depression is a chance for growth - if you decide to be brave and start the journey into your own finally find and protect your own Inner Child, that needs to be cared for. So go - find your inner light and let it shine! (It's there!)

Items Needed:


To prime my coasters I used primitive Chalky Finish paint. Once that had dried I stamped on some scratch pattern using a stamp from Andy Skinner‘s "Industrial“ set. (I left the fourth coaster without scratch pattern). After the stamping ink had dried, I loosely scraped on Titan Buff and Translucent White media fluid acrylics with a small palette knife.

Instruction Image #1

For the first panel with the person sitting in the corner, I scraped on some white Crackle Paste using a palette knife. I put the coaster on the heating to speed up the crackle process (as the paste needs to dry naturally). Then I transferred my sketch onto the panel using transfer paper, a ball pen and my non-dominant hand (so the drawing wouldn‘t turn out too smooth and neat). I traced the lines in Carbon Black fluid acrylic using  a fine detail brush. The shades of the corner were painted using Dark Grey Value 3, Carbon Black and Titanium White.

Instruction Image #2

For the second panel (showing the darkness inside looking like a kind of tight knot) I first spread a thin layer of white Modeling Paste with a wide palette knife across the panel. Afterwards I used a shaping tool and – again – my non-dominant hand to doodle circular shapes into it until I had drawn a tight knot. I put the panel on the heating and after the Modeling Paste had dried, I added diluted media Carbon Black fluid acrylic with a soft brush. I let that dry too and then dry brushed on some premium Carbon Black around the center of the knot. Finally I painted a tiny dot in the center using Diarylide Yellow and a tiny bit of Quinacridone Magenta to form the hint of something glowing in the middle of the darkness (in a later step I would add arrows that always pointed out what would be seen in the following panel -as if each panel worked like a view through a microscope – revealing something that hadn‘t been visible to the naked eye on the panel before).

Instruction Image #3

Instruction Image #4

So the third panel reveals the true nature of that tiny glowing spot – the Inner Child, being safely cupped in caring hands, shining from within. I applied black media Modeling Paste with a shaping tool to indicate the dark knot the Inner Child sits in. I had used my own left hand and a right hand model to first sketch the hands on some paper before I transferred it to the panel using tracing paper. I used a small size soft filbert brush to do the painting. Colours used were Carbon Black, Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Light and Diarylide Yellow.

Instruction Image #5

On the fourth panel, showing the Inner Child close up (in this case I painted myself at the age of about six), I added Cobalt Teal Hue to the previously used colours (Translucent White, Hansa Yellow Light, Dyarilde Yellow) to create the scraped background pattern. Carbon Black and Quinacridone Magenta were used to paint in the details (like the raven and the burning heart). I used the smallest size detail brush I had to work on the 3x3 inch format (which is actually quite small).

Instruction Image #6

Once all panels had dried, I added the little arrows that I had cut from old dictionary pages (using matte Decou-Page and a white gel pen to outline the arrows‘ shapes). I painted the originally black silhouette of the Inner Child on the third panel with white media Gesso and Hansa Yellow Light and Diarylide Yellow to have better consistency between panels three and four. I also dabbed a black border around the fourth panel to make it visually blend in with the other tree. I cut some wide ribbon to size and shaped a little loop from black wire to create my hanging device. The four panels were glued to the ribbon using matte Decou-Page and I added a little stitching to the ribbon with the wire loop on top to finish off my piece.

Instruction Image #7

I didn‘t plan on how to paint my personal version of my Inner Child – I simply started painting and opened my mind to whatever came up. The dress (one that my aunt had crocheted for me and that I loved a lot), the raven and the flaming heart somehow demanded to be there – so I let them. I simply let my soul and my Inner Child talk to me and tried to listen. And I love what they made me paint. Isn‘t this just what art journaling is all about?

Instruction Image #8