Find Your Wings Canvas

Find Your Wings Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 29th 2016

Hi everyone!  Barbara here today!  So you say you can’t draw.  Well, neither can I. Find a collage image of something you like.  I love birds, so I saved this picture from an old calendar.  Images can be found just about anywhere, and I will show you how to integrate it onto your mixed media canvas, and no one will ever know you didn’t draw and paint it yourself.

Items Needed:


Fussy cut a calendar image and adhere to canvas with Media Matte Medium.  Be sure to coat the surface of the image with the matte medium, as well.

Instruction Image #1

Spread Media White Modeling Paste through Americana Classic Brocade and Berry Stencil with a spatula.  Let paste dry.

Instruction Image #2

Apply Media White Gesso over entire canvas.  You may need to add a bit of water to the Gesso to help it spread easily, as it is quite thick.

Instruction Image #3

Place a dollop of the Media White Tinting Base next to a dollop of the Media Prussian Blue Hue on your craft sheet or palette.  Load brush with varying amounts of each to obtain the different color shades.  More Media White Tinting Base mixed with the Media Prussian Blue Hue will result in a lighter shade, while adding more of the color to the tinting base will result in a darker shade.  Paint around the image so the top half is lighter than the bottom half of the canvas.

Instruction Image #4

Paint bird image with a wash of Media Raw Sienna, let dry.  Add details with Media Burnt Umber, as shown.

Instruction Image #5

Add in a bit of red color with Media Transparent Red Iron Oxide.

Instruction Image #6

Add feathery brush strokes with Media Titan Buff, as shown.  Let dry.

Instruction Image #7

Using a fan brush, dry brush Media Dark Grey Value 3 over bird image, as shown.  Let dry.

Instruction Image #8

Add a few more details to the feathers and around the eye with Media Carbon Black.  Detail the legs with Media Carbon Black.  Add a catch light to the eye with Media Titanium White.

Instruction Image #9

Paint leaves with Media Sap Green.  Let first coat dry, then add darker areas on the leaf edges and smooth with your finger.  Let dry.  Then add highlights with Media Green Gold, again blending out with your finger.

Instruction Image #10

Finish painting the vine with Media Burnt Umber.  The berries were first painted with Media Quinacridone Burnt Orange, then highlighted with Media Raw Sienna.

Instruction Image #11

Spread Media White Modeling Paste through Americana Pixelated Stencil with a spatula.  Let paste dry.  Remember to leave open spaces for your text.

Instruction Image #12

Use a damp art sponge with Media Cerulean Blue and dab color over entire background.  Keep a damp baby wipe nearby to remove any unwanted paint on your images.  It will remove easily if you wipe it off before it dries.

Instruction Image #13

Repeat Step Thirteen using the sponge and Media Green Gold.  If you feel like you put too much Green Gold down, you can always come back and sponge more Cerulean Blue over the background.

Instruction Image #14

Realign the Americana Pixelated Stencil with the previously stenciled areas and, using your finger, apply the Burnished Brass Metallic Lustre through the stencil.  

Instruction Image #15

Add shading to the canvas edges with a blending tool or sponge and Media Payne's Grey.

Instruction Image #16

Adhere alphabet stickers to spell out “Find Your Wings and Fly!”  Apply a coat of Media Ultra-Matte Varnish to preserve your canvas and ensure the stickers are adhered well.  I did not cover my pixelated brass stenciled areas because it would cause the Metallic Lustre to become matte.  However, if you need to bring back the shine, just realign your stencil and repeat Step Fifteen.

Instruction Image #17

I hope you enjoyed my project and, perhaps, I have inspired you to try painting like a pro with your own collage images and, of course, the DecoArt Media line of products. 

Instruction Image #18