Flamingo and Palm Tree Glass Vase

Flamingo and Palm Tree Glass Vase

Posted by DecoArt on May 14th 2014

A square vase and tropical images in bright colors combine on this eye-catching glass accent.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • liner brush
    • painter's or masking tape
    • small plastic cup (about 1" width) with top (or seal with foil or plastic)
    • clear glass vase
    • soft bristle brush (size 2-5)


    1. Print out the pattern; insert it inside the vase, securing it with painter’s or masking tape.
    2. Pour White into a plastic cup, filling it about 1/3 full. Add a few drops of Yellow and a smaller amount of Orange. Mix until the color resembles sand. Using a liner brush, outline the island.
    3. Mix Blue with a few drops of White for light blue and outline water with a liner brush. Using a soft bristle brush, fill in the water with the Blue/White mix. (Press the brush down so the paint streaks a little for a water effect.)
    4. Outline the trunk of the palm tree with Black, using a liner brush.
    5. Mix White with a couple drops of Black until mid-tone grey is achieved. Fill in the tree trunk with a soft bristle brush.
    6. Using Black, fill in the rounded top portion of the trunk. Let dry.
    7. When the paint is dry, add detail to the top of trunk using the mid-tone grey, painting small lines with a liner brush.
    8. Add detail to the trunk using Black and a liner brush. Paint lines from left to right border, spaced more at bottom and closer together at top. (The trunk should be darker at top.)
    9. Mix Green with a few drops of Black to obtain very dark green. Using a liner brush, paint the top, middle palm starting at the top of the trunk and painting a straight line upward. Paint fronds to each side of the line from bottom to top.
    10. While paint is still wet, using the same brush and Green/Black mix from step 9, paint fronds to either side of the palm so they appear to be in front of the middle palm. Paint the remaining three palms.
    11. Using a liner brush, fill in the areas between the existing fronds with Green.
    12. Mix Green with a few drops of White for light green. Using a liner brush, add detail to the fronds by brushing Green/White mix throughout the fronds. Let dry.
    13. When paint is dry, keep painting with Green/Black mix (step 9), Green, and Green/White mix (step 12) until the palms are filled in and the desired effect is reached.
    14. Using the sand-colored paint in plastic cup from step 2 and a soft bristle brush, drag generous amounts of paint around to all edges, filling in the island. Let dry and reapply until desired thickness is reached.
    15. Outline the flamingo body with a liner brush using Red mixed with a few drops of Pink. Outline the beak using White.
    16. Mix Pink with a few drops of White for light pink and fill in the flamingo's body with a liner brush.
    17. Paint legs, eye, wing, and beak detail using Black and a liner brush. Add detail to the flamingo by using Pink/White mix from step 16 and Red/Pink mix from step 15 and a liner brush in areas throughout the body.


    Palm Tree And Flamingo Pattern