Floral Accent End Table

Floral Accent End Table

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 3rd 2018

Add a textured floral tile pattern to furniture pieces with Americana Decor Texture.


    • large palette knife
    • 2 inch paint brush
    • painters tape


    1. Ensure the end table is clean and dust free.
    2. Paint the entire table with Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Carbon.
    3. Let that dry completely before continuing.
    4. Apply the stencil to the front of the end table and secure with tape.
    5. Using a palette knife and gentle pressure, swipe the Americana Decor Texture in White across the top of the stencil openings.
    6. Relocate the stencil and repeat until the desired look is achieved.
    7. Instruction #6