Floral Stenciled Tray

Floral Stenciled Tray

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 20th 2016

Upcycle a wooden tray with the elegance of stenciling and color by Americana Decor®.


    • sandpaper
    • 1" flat brush
    • cosmetic sponge
    • unfinished wooden tray



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Apply a basecoat in Remembrance using a 1" flat brush on the interior of tray.
    2. Apply a basecoat of Rustic to the exterior and top rim of the tray using a 1" flat brush.
    3. Position the chosen stencil in the desired location on the interior of tray. (Shown: Jacobean Floral). Using a cosmetic sponge, apply Rustic.
    4. Use sandpaper to lightly add a distressed look. (Concentrate on the edges of the tray, allowing the wood grain to show through.)