Flowery Meadow Canvas

Flowery Meadow Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 18th 2014

I obviously needed something summer-y to look at (as most of the days right now are grey in grey and cold and wet). So I experimented with wet Texture Crackle and the fabulously colourful DecoArt Media Misters and came up with a bright flowery meadow!

Items Needed:


For a start I sealed my canvas with the DecoArt Primer/Sealer to give the Texture Crackle some tooth to hold on to

Instruction Image #1

Next I generously applied Light Mocha Texture Crackle to my dried canvas with a palette knife. I saw to it that it was really thick in some places and rather thin in others. (image 2). I dabbed a palette knife flat into the still wet Texture Crackle and lifted it again to create some visible texture.

Instruction Image #2

While still wet the Texture Crackle was heavily misted with clear water from a spray bottle and then some Walnut Ink Crystals were sprinkled in random spots.

Instruction Image #3

Then the intense Mister colours were sprayed in random places and I also added more water from the spray bottle to make the colours run and mix. All was set to dry thoroughly (I recommend to wait a whole day so the Texture Crackle will have done its full magic).

Instruction Image #4

Once all has dried you will find that the Texture Crackle will have formed the most interesting texture alongside the Mister colours.

Instruction Image #5

Go on the lookout for intersting shapes that might form blossoms and outline them roughly with a bristle brush and acrylic colours. Paint some stems too.

Instruction Image #6

Cut thin strips off some coloured rough linen ribbon to use as stems.

Instruction Image #7

Cut some leave shapes from an old book page. Glue both – ribbon stems and book page leaves to your canvas using the DecoArt media Matte Medium.

Instruction Image #8

Once all has dried doodle on the blossoms, leaves and stems with a white Sharpie and permanent ink pens until you are content with the outcome.

Instruction Image #9

Mix some DecoArt Media White Gesso with two to three drops of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic, Phtalo Green Blue to use as your sky colour.

Instruction Image #10

Paint around your flowers (and over areas you don't like that much) to make them pop.

Instruction Image #11

Apply some drops of DecoArt Paper Effects, Peacock Gold on some of the stamens' ends to add a little more bling and texture to your canvas.

Instruction Image #12

Finish off with adding final details and colours. You're done!

You can also seal your painting with one or two coats of DecoArt Primer/Sealer or one of the fab new DecoArt media varnishes to make your piece of art more durable.