Fluid Art | Fall Pumpkin Canvas

Fluid Art | Fall Pumpkin Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 10th 2021

Paint a negative space pumpkin on a paint pour canvas for a unique fall decor piece.


  • palette knife
  • heavy cardstock
  • 16" x 20" Canvas
  • aluminum foil pan
  • large flat brush
  • disposable gloves
  • disposable cups
  • medium liner brush
  • plastic tablecloth


  1. Cover your work area with a plastic table cloth. Place several plastic cups into aluminum foil pan. These will elevate the canvas and allow excess paint to drip off sides and into the pan. Start with any size canvas. I used 16" x 20".
  2. Instruction #1
  3. For this project, I used the Sunkissed Fluid Art Ready to Pour Paint Pack. The colors included in this pack are Golden Yellow, Smokey Pink, Sienna and Ivory.
  4. Instruction #2
  5. Basecoat the canvas in Ivory. Move canvas around until the paint has covered the canvas. (TIP: For a quicker basecoat, spread out the paint with your hand, a piece of card stock or a palette knife.)
  6. Instruction #3
  7. While tilting the cup slightly to the side, layer the pack colors in to a disposable cup.
  8. Instruction #4
  9. Using a circular motion, begin pouring the paint onto the canvas.
  10. Instruction #5
  11. Refill cup with different layer combinations and pour other circular shapes.
  12. Instruction #6
  13. Move canvas around to spread the paint/design. When you are pleased with the appearance, rest canvas frame on top of the plastic cups in the aluminum tray. This will allow excess paint to drip off canvas and into the aluminum tray. Allow to remain flat until completely dry.
  14. Instruction #7
  15. When completely dry, look at your design and decide what shape pumpkin will best complement the pour. Using Light Buttermilk Americana Acrylic and the liner brush, paint a loose pumpkin shape onto your canvas.
  16. Instruction #8
  17. Using the large flat brush and Light Buttermilk, fill in the area around the pumpkin. Use the liner to fill in around the stem and between the leaf and pumpkin top. Allow to dry.
  18. Instruction #9
  19. Add as many coats as you prefer.
  20. Instruction #10
  21. This is a fun and easy fall project using paint pouring and negative space, that has a beautifully modern look!
  22. Instruction #11