French Accessories Canvas

French Accessories Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 30th 2017

Ooh la la... this French accessories canvas will brighten up any young lady's room!


    • #10 flat brush
    • #4 flat brush
    • 3/4" glaze/wash brush
    • 1/2" angle brush
    • brayer
    • 11" x 14" canvas
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • small polka dot stencil
    • 3/8" deerfoot stippler brush
    • matte sealer
    • decorative paper



    You can make a color copy of the paper that you want to use for decoupaging because it is much thinner than the original paper and adheres better.

    This also means that when you want to add a cutout piece to the surface that doesn’t cover the whole surface that you are working on, you can hardly see where you glued on the piece because the paper is thin.

    If the paper still feels a little tacky after you have thoroughly dried the surface, lightly spray matte sealer over the surface before painting on it.

    1. Preparation: Use a large flat brush to spread Gloss Decou-Page over the entire canvas.
    2. Paint the back of the decorative paper that has been cut to the correct size of the canvas with Decou-Page.
    3. Gently lay the paper over the canvas and press down with your fingers from the center to the outer edges.
    4. Smooth the paper out to make sure there are no air bubbles. (You can also use a brayer to roll the paper down.) Sometimes you will have an occasional bubble or fold as the paper dries, but many times these bubbles will disappear. Let dry.
    5. Paint more Decou-Page over the paper and let dry thoroughly.
    6. Place the "Paris" letters from the Flower Market Stencil onto the top of the canvas and use a deerfoot brush with Lamp Black to paint on the letter. (You can also base in the design from the attached line drawing, using a #4 flat brush to do this.)
    7. Use a liner brush with Country Red to place a line on the left side of each letter.
    8. Highlight each letter with Snow White on the right side of each letter.
    9. Place an Emperor’s Gold line next to each Country Red line on the letters.
    10. Purse: Use a #10 flat brush to base in the purse with Country Red until well covered.
    11. Use a #4 flat brush to base in the handle and the top of the purse with Lamp Black. (You can use a polka dot stencil to place on the white dots on the purse or simply use a finger tip or other tool to do so. If you use a stencil, pounce in the Snow White with a deerfoot brush.)
    12. Corner load an angle brush with Snow White and float a highlight onto the top and left side of the purse.
    13. Highlight the handle and black top area of the purse with a float of Snow White.
    14. Shade the right side and bottom of the purse with Lamp Black.
    15. Use a liner brush with Snow White to place on slashes for extra highlight.
    16. Use Emperor’s Gold to place in the purse latch. Let dry.
    17. When dry, shade the bottom of the gold latch with Lamp Black.
    18. Shade under the purse with a wide float of Lamp Black.
    19. Place on the pattern for the glasses.
    20. Instruction #19
    21. Glasses: Use a #4 flat brush to base in the glasses with Snow White.
    22. Wash in the lenses with Snow White using 80% water to 20% paint. Let dry.
    23. Use a liner brush with Snow White to place in some slashes for additional highlighting and reflection.
    24. Instruction #22
    25. Use an angle brush with Lamp Black to shade the bottom of the glasses.
    26. Place in the screw on the upper part of the glasses using Emperor’s Gold.
    27. Use a liner brush with Lamp Black to outline the glass frames.
    28. Lipstick: Use a #4 flat brush to base in the lipstick with Country Red.
    29. Base in the case with Lamp Black.
    30. The inside of the case is based in with Emperor’s Gold.
    31. Use an angle brush to shade the lipstick with Lamp Black and highlight it with Snow White.
    32. Add a slash of Snow White highlight using a liner brush.
    33. Shade the Emperor's Gold area of the case with Lamp Black and highlight with Snow White.
    34. Add a highlight slash and highlight the Lamp Black area of the case with Snow White.
    35. Add a Snow White highlight slash on the case and on the lid.
    36. Add a Lamp Black shadow under the lipstick case.
    37. Finishing: Use the fleur-de-lis from the Traditional Medallion Stencil to place on the design on the bottom right. (You can pounce in Lamp Black into the stencil or simply base in the design with Lamp Black.)
    38. Use the liner brush with Emperor’s Gold to add highlight slashes to the design.
    39. Base in the canvas edges with Lamp Black. (If you are going to place the canvas into a frame, this step is not necessary.)
    40. Make sure that the paper is cut correctly around the edges of the canvas.
    41. Wash a wide shadow of Lamp Black around the entire outside edge of the paper.
    42. Let dry; then varnish with DuraClear Gloss Varnish.


    Purse And Glasses Pattern 1
    Purse And Glass Pattern 2