Fresh as a Daisy Desk Set

Fresh as a Daisy Desk Set

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 26th 2014

Create a set of desk accessories with a bright and lively floral theme with Americana® Acrylics.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • tracing paper
    • transfer paper
    • sandpaper
    • tape
    • 1" flat brush
    • iron
    • #6 filbert brush
    • #8 dome blender brush
    • 3/8" angle brush
    • #4 filbert brushes
    • #10 dome blender
    • #1 script liner brush
    • 12" dome blender
    • plastic wrap
    • wooden toothbrush holder
    • blue striped linen towel
    • large ball stylus
    • wooden tissue box


    1. To prepare the box and holder, start by sanding the wooden surfaces. Use a 1" flat brush and Americana Primer and Sealer to seal the tissue box and toothbrush holder surfaces.
    2. Basecoat both the toothbrush holder and tissue box with Sand.
    3. Tape off the lines. The lines are Deep Midnight Blue.
    4. Trace and transfer the pattern to the box and holder.
    5. Basecoat with a wash of color as follows: leaves, Avocado; petals: mix of Light Buttermilk and Lamp Black to medium grey value; and daisy center, Moon Yellow.
    6. Shade the leaves with Evergreen and then highlight them with Soft Sage. The stem is a wash of Avocado, shaded with Evergreen.
    7. Shade the petals with Black Plum. Highlight the petals with a dry-brush of Snow White. Shade the daisy center with Antique Gold and deepen it with Burnt Umber. The daisy center highlight is a mix of Snow White and Cadmium Yellow. Dot the daisy center with Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow, and Snow White.
    8. The scrolls are Avocado. The dots are Black Plum, Moon Yellow, and Snow White.
    9. Stipple Snow White in the highlight area.
    10. The lettering is Lamp Black.
    11. Let dry and seal with Americana Matte Spray Sealer.
    12. To prepare the desk mat, start by taping the towel to a hard surface. Lightly trace the design onto the map using a large ball stylus.
    13. Cover the towel with plastic wrap. Cut out the wrap around the design and remove the cut piece. (This will protect fabric from paint accidents.)
    14. Base in the following lightly on a dry brush (no water needed): leaves, Avocado Green; petals, Buttermilk and SoSoft Lamp Black mixed to medium grey value; and daisy center, SoSoft Cadmium Yellow.
    15. Shade the leaves with Christmas Green and highlight with Pistachio Green.
    16. Shade the petals with Dioxazine Purple and highlight with White.
    17. The daisy center is shaded with Americana Acrylic Antique Gold and deepened with Americana Acrylic Burnt Umber. It is highlighted with a mix of SoSoft Cadmium Yellow and White. The dots are Americana Acrylic Burnt Umber, SoSoft Cadmium Yellow, and White. Stipple White in the highlight area. (Note: When using Americana Acrylics on fabric, be sure to heat set with an iron.)
    18. The scrolls are Avocado. The dots are Dioxazine Purple, SoSoft Cadmium Yellow, and White.
    19. The lettering is SoSoft Lamp Black.


    Daisy Pattern