Front Porch Decor: Different Porch Styles to Inspire You

Front Porch Decor: Different Porch Styles to Inspire You

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 7th 2021

With the weather warming up and the flowers blooming, we're getting into a sunny state of mind! There's nothing like an outdoor hangout or coffee on the front porch to celebrate summer.

If your porch needs a little TLC, don't stress- get crafty! We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to refresh your front porch to help inspire you. From farmhouse to contemporary, we've got a little something for everyone to enjoy this summer.

Farmhouse Front Porch Ideas

Farmhouse style takes the country cottage look and modernizes it with muted grays, beautiful greens, and crisp whites. Try adding some of these farmhouse decor ideas to your front porch to give it the cozy feel of the countryside.

Want an end table that can stand up to outdoor living? This project from Thrifty & Chic transforms a plain barstool into an outdoor end table and plant stand! Upcycling old or thrifted furniture can help you save money when switching up your decor style. Plus it adds to the quaint, vintage charm essential for a farmhouse look.

A wooden stool is repainted and repurposed into an outdoor end table.
Aren't these wooden lanterns gorgeous? The simple stencil details and twine accents are full of country charm. You can learn how to make these yourself over on the DecoArt Blog.

Oversized wooden lanterns are painted and placed outside for a beautiful decoration.
Try thinking of ways to makeover old furniture to create something uniquely you! Lolly Jane turned an old baby crib into this fabulous porch swing. Wouldn't this make a lovely keepsake?

A white porch swing

Nothing says farm life quite like plants, plants, and more plants! White vases are simple and timeless, especially when paired with taller plants that make a statement. You can also add patterns to vases for a more eclectic look.
Farmhouse style white flower pots lined up on a front porch.

Farmhouse style blue chair with a painted chicken figure sit on a front porch.
Coastal Front Porch Ideas

Bring the beach to your front door with these coastal decor ideas! Beautiful blues, seashells, and other beachy decor can make your porch or patio feel like a vacation.

Wood pallet art gives off an effortless beachy vibe. Create a sign that lets visitors know life is better on the porch!

A painted sign says

A wooden pallet sign that says sea on it in a blue ombre.

A wooden sign says hello beach
The beach is calling! Painting an ombre is an easy way to add an extra element to a simple painted sign. Stick to blues and greens to match your coastal decor.

A wooden sign says the beach is calling with waves painted on it
Create a poolside feeling with a faux tile pattern in ocean blue and teal. This end table painted with our Americana Decor Outdoor Living can stand up to the hottest summer days and coolest drinks.

Someone paints an outdoor end table using a vivid blue outdoor living acrylic paint from DecoArt
An outdoor end table is painted blue and teal
Get a mix of planters in different sizes to create visual variety. This trio of planters is simple but beautiful.

Blue flower planters lined up together on a front porch.

Contemporary Front Porch Ideas

Looking to keep things modern? Bold colors and funky prints can give your front porch a totally new vibe. These ideas below are easy to implement with DecoArt's outdoor paints. They can be used on nearly any surface from terra cotta to plastic, so you can create colorful decor that lasts.

What's not to love about the vintage penny tile look on this planter? All you need is the end of a pencil eraser to try out this simple style from Persia Lou.

A concrete planter is painted using dots of acrylic paint to look like a penny tile pattern.
Go wild with color to make your plants pop! Painting broad stripes or organic shapes adds a whimsical touch.

Colorful and bright flower planters are painted in rainbow stripes

Is your front door a bit drab? Adding a fresh coat of paint can completely revitalize your porch. Try our Americana Decor® Curb Appeal™ to add some color.
A door is shown before and after being repainted a bright coral pink

Don't throw away those old paintbrushes, turn them into a colorful and creative wreath that shows off your artsy side! A wreath made of old paint brushes
Try using Americana Decor Color Stain® for a new look on wooden welcome mats.

A door mat is made of wooden slats painted with color stain for a colorful striped look

Black and White Front Porch Ideas

Classic, minimalist, and understated. Black and white is the timeless look you can count on! If you want to update your front porch consider some of these DIY decor ideas.

The minimalist look of this bamboo leaf pattern is so charming!

A flower planter is painted white with a minimalist black bamboo leaf pattern elegantly painted on it.
Have you tried rock painting? These rocks have been painted to look like cacti, this is a cute alternative for those without a green thumb.

A flower planter filled with rocks painted to look like cacti.
All you need is black and white to create stunning patterns, like these planters.

A trio of flower pots painted with black and white designs

In this front porch makeover from Craftberry Bush she used Curb Appeal™ in Jet Black to redo her door, railings, and even some planters. This all-black look is simple but gorgeous. 

A dog stands in front of a front door recently painted a dramatic jet black.
A front porch railing is repainted jet black, and black flower planters are sat next to it filled with blue flowers.
Unconventional furniture choices can add an extra element to simple front porch styles like black and white. Here The Rustic Boxwood painted a used dresser with our Americana Decor Outdoor Living to transform it into outdoor furniture. 

A dresser is painted and turned into a white outdoor end table
Small Front Porch Ideas

Is your front porch short on space? These cute and cozy ideas are sure to make even a tiny porch feel warm and welcoming!

You don't need to settle for a standard welcome mat, try using stencils to add a monogram or interesting pattern. This is an easy way to add an extra "wow" factor, especially for small front porches.

A doormat is painted in a geometric pattern using acrylic paint.
Who doesn't love a good rainbow? Get creative with shapes and see where your mind takes you.

An oval doormat is painted in stripes to look like a rainbow.
Garden benches are an easy way to add outdoor seating for smaller spaces. Tuck them up against a wall to give yourself more space.

A teal bench with a pillow that says

An IKE bench is given a makeover using sunshine yellow acrylic paint.

Try hanging art in your window for extra decoration. Creatively Beth took an old glass frame and turned it into this gorgeous floral suncatcher. If you're decorating on a budget try looking around your house and see what you can make.

A glass frame is painted and turned into a floral print suncatcher
Concrete floors bumming you out? No problem! You can use stencils to create a faux tile pattern to liven up your porch or steps.

A concrete patio is painted with stencils to look like faux tile
Looking for more?

We hope these different porch styles inspired you to get crafting! If you're looking for more be sure to check out the DecoArt project gallery for all kinds of outdoor ideas! You can also find us on Facebook,  Instagram,  or Pinterest for daily DIY inspiration. We hope you all have a fabulous summer, happy making!