Front Porch Spruce Up

Front Porch Spruce Up

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 28th 2017

Update your front porch not just with fresh flowers, but with some fresh paint as well!

Things are blooming here in Tennessee! Despite some recent cold temps, we've had enough warm days for trees, shrubs, and flowers to start their blooming process. That makes me happy because it's always about this time that I am over winter and the cold, and I'm ready to move on to warmth and COLOR! I love to garden so as soon as it gets warm I'm ready to hit up the local nurseries and greenhouses and get my flower on. But before I could start planting, I really needed to spruce up my front porch since it was looking a little drab.


I've been using these planters for years, and I love them! But they are starting to show their age. They are desperate for a makeover!

Instruction Image #1

Also, my front porch is... dark. I actually refer to it loveingly as "the cave." There is no room for furniture, and barely wide enough for me to add some flower pots. So I try to make the most of it, and I think this year I'm finally going to add more color than from just the flowers!

DecoArt has just come out with their newest line of outdoor paint: Americana Decor Curb Appeal. It comes in a LOT of fun colors and is perfect for updating your doors and shutters with a fresh new color since they are fast drying and fade resistant. In my case, I'm going to give all my planters and flower pots a fabulous makeover!

I am working with the Curb Appeal paints in Cape Cod Mint, Cottage Moss, Contemporary Coral, and Farmhouse White.

Instruction Image #3

Two coats later and this terra cotta pot looks super fresh in Cottage Moss! To further dress it up I'm adding a strip of scrapbook paper to the top with Americana Outdoor Decou-Page. Because of the angle of the rim of the pot you need to cut slits into one side of the paper as shown above. Once in place, top with a coat of the Outdoor Decou-Page to seal the paper and protect it from the elements.

Instruction Image #4

Instruction Image #5

I stumbled across this cute concrete planter at Target and couldn't resist adding it to the front porch. I created a stencil out of adhesive vinyl and used 2 coats of the Farmhouse White Curb Appeal paint to paint the stencil.

Instruction Image #6

Instruction Image #7

I am thinking my planters look brand spanking new and utterly fabulous!

The two larger planters received a single coat of Cottage Moss and Cape Cod Mint, respectively. I think gave them a light sanding to add a slight rustic look to them. I love how they turned out! Still bright, but still with an older feel.

Instruction Image #8

Instruction Image #9

Instruction Image #10

I also found this little outdoor table and concrete bunny at Target and could not resist adding them to the outdoor decor. They were a great way to add some extra color and place some of my freshly painted flower pots.

Instruction Image #11

From drab to fab! I can officially say my front porch looks completely different and ready for spring!

Instruction Image #12

Now, despite my dark front porch, my guests can be greeted to bright and cheerful space! Did I mention I love gardening? I might just have to cover these steps with a few more colorful flower pots since this project came together so fast!

Instruction Image #13