Galaxy Glitter Globe

Galaxy Glitter Globe

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 19th 2019

I love decorating with globes of all colors and sizes. But, I especially love discovering old rusty ones at the flea market. I use them as shelf decor and they look especially cute when a bunch of them are grouped together. 

I’ve been itching to try the new Galaxy Glitter, so I decided to take one of my newer desk globes and make the continents sparkle and shine with this new brush-on glitter acrylic. 

Watch a demo for this project here: 

Items Needed:


This globe was pretty inexpensive and was purchased recently from a big box store. But you could easily apply this same technique to a flea market find too. 

First, you’ll want to start by painting the largest surface - which would be our vast oceans! I chose this beautiful Calypso blue. 

Instruction Image #1

I found it easiest to start by painting the largest part of the ocean, then switch to a smaller brush as you go around the borders of the continents. I’ll be honest, there were some smaller islands that turned into ocean when I was painting… but the general shape of the continent was what I was going for.

Instruction Image #2

Most globes are plastic or metal spheres that have been covered with paper mache strips of the countries and continents. The paint went on very smooth and even made my globe look a little like glass, which I loved!  

Once the ocean is dry, start painting the continents with the coordinating base color for the Galaxy Glitter color you choose. In my case, I went for the more traditional land color of Kelly Green with the coordinating Aurora Borealis Galaxy Glitter.

Instruction Image #3

As soon as it dries, you can add the Galaxy Glitter! I used a wider brush for this and light, short strokes to apply the glitter. I added a few coats to make it extra sparkly.

Instruction Image #4

My globe was smooth, but the glitter gave it a little texture and dimension, which made it resemble the globes that have the 3D terrain.

Instruction Image #5

Just adding a bit of shimmer with Galaxy Glitter gave this globe a more refined look! So glam and chic.

It may not be easy to see all the sparkle in the photos, but trust me… this glitter paint is EPIC in person! You’re going to want to Galaxy Glitter all the things!

Instruction Image #6