Gift Ideas for Paint Lovers

Gift Ideas for Paint Lovers

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 14th 2018

Incorporating paint into your holiday gifts is a game changer in multiple ways! You can give creative loved ones plain items with a value pack of their favorite paint so they can customize their new gift. Or, you can paint personal touches to the gifts beforehand so each person on your list feels special.

Americana Gloss Enamels, DecoArt Stylin, and Americana Multi-Surface Satins are your go-to paints for customing gifts, and these all come in value packs that make perfect gifts! Americana Gloss Enamels are perfect for glass and ceramic gifts, DecoArt Stylin was designed to customize accessories like shoes and bags, and Americana Multi-Surface can do it all indoors and outdoors. Find out more about these paints as well as where you can purchase them below:

Americana Gloss Enamels                   DecoArt Stylin                    Americana Multi-Surface Satins
Value packs 2

Check out some of these awesome gift ideas to be inspired to think outside of the box this holiday season!