Girl With a Crown and Her Dancing Dog

Girl With a Crown and Her Dancing Dog

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 12th 2016

Have fun with mixed media while creating this lively painting of a girl and her dancing dog.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • stylus or pencil
    • transfer paper
    • scissors
    • #3 round brush
    • 1" flat brush
    • 1/4" flat brush
    • #4 round brush
    • #0 liner brush
    • canvas
    • assorted scrapbook paper
    • cosmetic sponges



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Using a 1" flat brush, apply Matte Medium to entire the canvas. Position the patterned scrapbook paper and flatten to remove any bubbles or wrinkles. Apply another layer of Matte Medium on top.
    2. Using a cosmetic sponge, apply a thin coat of Primary Yellow to the center of the canvas, fading outward. Using the same cosmetic sponge, apply Green Gold on top, fading out farther than the yellow. With a new cosmetic sponge, apply Blue Green Light from the outside edge to the edge of the Green Gold. Using both a new and previous cosmetic sponge, blend Green Gold and Blue Green Light. (Be sure to allow the patterned scrapbook paper to show through.)
    3. On patterned scrapbook paper of choice, transfer the images from the pattern using transfer paper and a stylus or pencil (banner, crown, and shirt). Cut out using scissors. Transfer the cut images onto the canvas.
    4. Apply Matte Medium to the area where the patterned paper images will be placed (banner, crown, and shirt). Position the paper and apply another coat of Matte Medium to the top.
    5. Create a 2:1 mix of Titanium White and Dioxazine Purple. Paint the light area of the dog in the mix. Free-hand polka dots on the shirt and highlights on the crown. (Save mix for next step.)
    6. To the mix from Step 5, add a little bit more Dioxazine Purple. With the new mix, paint on the shadows of the dog. Add more Dioxazine Purple, and paint the dark patches and the ear of the dog.
    7. Add a touch of Titanium White to Dioxazine Purple and use to paint the girl's glasses.
    8. Using the 1/4" flat and #4 round brushes, paint the girl's face in Titan Buff. Add a touch of Quinacridone Gold to Titan Buff; use the mix and the #4 round brush to paint in shadows on the face. Add a small amount of Quinacridone Burnt Orange to the previous mix. Use the new mix to highlight the nose and blush the cheeks. Use Quinacridone Burnt Orange and a small amount of Titanium White to paint lips and the circles on the dog's hat. Use the same mix to add highlights to the banner and crown.
    9. Create a 1:1 mix of Blue Green Light and white to paint iris of eyes with a #3 round brush. Add a small amount of Cerulean Blue for eyeshadow, tips of the crown, highlights to the face and glasses, and top ruffle to the dog. Mix Blue Green Light into the mix, and use to paint the bottle and ruffle of the dog.
    10. Create a 2:1 mix of Burnt Umber and Titanium White. Paint the hair and eyebrows with the mix using a #3 round brush. Add more Titanium White to the mix, and use to add line-work to the hair.
    11. Mix a 1:1 ratio of Primary Yellow and Titanium White. Use a #3 round brush to the paint the star, dog's hat, and girl's collar. Add a small amount of Quinacridone Burnt Orange to the mix; add a highlight to the dog and a shadow to the girl's collar.
    12. Create a 1:1:1 mix of Green Gold, Primary Yellow, and Titanium White. Position the Timeless Treasures Stencil on the right and left sides. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply the mix.
    13. Using the Dots Stencil, randomly stencil Carbon Black and a light blue mix randomly to the canvas using a cosmetic sponge.
    14. Using numbers from the Timeless Treasures Stencil, stencil on a thin layer of yellow mix, orange mix, and Carbon Black. (Refer to final photo for placement.) Use the lid of the Carbon Black bottle to create circles on the top and bottom left of the canvas.
    15. Using a liner brush, outline everything in Carbon Black. (Refer to final photo for placement of extra line-work.)
    16. Mix Texture Sand Paste with Carbon Black. Apply to the edges of the canvas with a palette knife.


    Girl With Dog Pattern