Glass Decanters, Flea Market Find

Glass Decanters, Flea Market Find

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 25th 2021

Turn a trio of glass bottles into a classic bar set with DecoArt® Opaque Glass Paint Markers™.


  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • rubbing alcohol
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • ribbon
  • cosmetic foam wedge
  • ribbon
  • clear glass decanters
  • masking tape



Let the Glass Paints dry completely before embellishing with Glass Paint Markers.

  1. Gather the supplies.
  2. Instruction #1
  3. Clean the glass decanters and their tops with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Allow to dry well.
  4. Instruction #2
  5. Position the Between the Lines stencils on the decanters to spell out "BAR" and secure with tape.
  6. Instruction #3
  7. Use a cosmetic sponge to tap Glass Paints into the open stencil areas: Use Turquoise for "B"; Coral for "A"; and Mint for "R". Let dry completely.
  8. Instruction #4
  9. Once dry, use Blue Glass Paint Marker to draw swirls on "B".
  10. Instruction #5
  11. Use Fuchsia Glass Paint Marker to draw triangles on "A"; then dot with Black Glass Paint Marker.
  12. Instruction #6
  13. Use Turquoise Glass Paint Marker to draw circles on "R" and then dot with Yellow Glass Paint Marker.
  14. Instruction #7
  15. Repeat the Glass Paint colors on the decanter tops using cosmetic sponges. When dry, embellish the tops with Glass Paint Markers.
  16. Instruction #8
  17. (These decanters had grooves framing the center.) Use Glass Paint Markers to fill in the grooves. If your decanters don't have grooves, draw lines forming a frame around the letters.
  18. Instruction #9
  19. To make tassels, cut a 3" square from cardboard. Wrap ribbons around cardboard a few times.
  20. Instruction #10
  21. Tie the ribbons in the center and then use scissors to cut the bottom loops.
  22. Instruction #11
  23. Use piece of narrow ribbon or embroidery floss to tie around the top section of the tassel. Knotthe center ribbon to form a loop. Hang over the decanter neck.
  24. Instruction #12