Glitter Ombre Mini Pails

Glitter Ombre Mini Pails

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 31st 2019

Use Galaxy Glitter to make ordinary pails sparkle!


    • paintbrush
    • 1/2" rake brush
    • mini pail


    1. Make sure the surfaces of the pails are clean and dry.
    2. Paint the top 3/4 of the pails with Bright Yellow.
    3. Paint the bottom 1/4 of one pail with Purple Pizzazz and the bottom 1/4 of the other pail with Peacock Teal.
    4. While the paints are still wet, blend Bright Yellow with the Purple Pizzazz and Peacock Teal to create an ombre effect. Allow to dry.
    5. Using a rake brush, apply Gold Shooting Start on top of the Bright Yellow basecoat.
    6. Apply Ultraviolet over the Purple Pizzazz basecoat and Aqua Meteor over the Peacock Teal basecoat.
    7. While the glitters are still wet, blend the Gold Shooting Star with the Ultraviolet and Aqua Meteor glitters to create an ombre effect. Let dry completely.
    8. When dry, add a second coat of Galaxy Glitter in all three colors, blending them together while they are still wet. Let dry completely.