Gold Frosted Wood Pallet Pumpkin Patch

Gold Frosted Wood Pallet Pumpkin Patch

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 27th 2016

I am excited to share with you a quick and easy way to add some bright and fun Fall décor to your garden space! Painting wood pallet pumpkins from Walnut Hollow with DecoArt’s Outdoor Living paint is a great way to brighten up garden areas.

It brings in color just as the blooms are starting to die down, and adds a fun, whimsical touch to conventional fall décor. It’s a great way to transition into Halloween and Thanksgiving without having to bring out the typical orange and black décor. Painted in fun colors, gold paint gives the pumpkins a modern take on a “frosted look”.

Items Needed:


Start by gathering wood pallet pumpkins of various sizes to build your patch. We used three large, two medium and two small, to vary size and shape.

Instruction Image #1

Give your wood pumpkins a light sand if a smoother texture is desired. Otherwise, just start painting in fun colors from the Outdoor Living line of paints. 

Instruction Image #2

These will help the pumpkins can hold up to call kinds of Fall weather. Paint the entire pumpkin, including the back.

Once the paint dries, use a brush to use Gold from the Outdoor Living paint line to make brush strokes from the top down stopping about halfway down.  

Instruction Image #4

The more uneven the brushstrokes are at the bottom better! Once the paint dries, adhere stakes or dowels to the back of the pumpkin using hot glue,screws or a staple gun to easily be able to stand them in the ground.

Instruction Image #5

The pumpkins go into the ground more easily if the holes are pre-made in the ground.

Instruction Image #6

Stagger the pumpkins working largest to smallest to make the “patch”, grab a spiced latte and enjoy!