Graffiti Statement Backdrop

Graffiti Statement Backdrop

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 21st 2015

I love infusing my studio with bold, vibrant colors. Instant happiness! Most of the time, I create my own statement backdrops simply because it's a great way to extend my style onto other surfaces. There's something magical about having your artwork life-size! Today, I'm sharing how I create my statement backdrops using my favorite color combinations and creative hand-lettering. I'll be using this backdrop in my art videos and product photography.

Items Needed:

  • Americana Pearlizing Medium
  • Fabric Painting Textile Medium
  • 1 Yard Muslin Fabric
  • Assorted Paint Brushes
  • Assorted Markers And Fabric Pens
  • Water Spritzer
  • Paper Towels
  • Large Cardboard Backing


Iron the fabric, on low-heat setting. Place a large piece of cardboard underneath your fabric. (This will catch any paint that seeps through the fabric.) Paint fabric with bold colors!

Using the largest brushes you have, mix in Fabric Painting Textile Medium with each color you want to use. Start painting on the warm and light colors. I used a mixture of Banana Cream Titanium White for my base layer. (It’s OK if the paints mix with each other. The variation of colors gives it more interest!) Keep painting until you get the look you want. Let dry. (side note: Fabric Painting Textile Medium produces a washable, permanent paint for fabrics. It bonds to the fabric while helping to prevent, cracking, peeling, and fading.)

Instruction Image #2

Let it flow! I don’t know about you but I don’t mind getting messy while creating art! In this step, we add cool colors to our backdrop.

Instruction Image #3

To create a non-directional backdrop, I like to:
- Rotate the canvas 90 degrees
- Spray water to make drips; tilt the fabric in different directions
- Splatter the paint with my paintbrush

There’s no wrong way to approach this - YOUR way is the perfect way!

Instruction Image #4

Mark-making graffiti - Add additional marks with a variety of lines, scribbles, and large and small lettering. A white paint marker is perfect for this step! Incorporate your unique hand-lettering in random areas. Be sure to rotate the fabric so you can write in different areas. 

If you’ve written with a white paint maker and would like it to stand out more, add shimmering highlights with Americana Pearlizing Medium. Allow to thoroughly dry.  

Instruction Image #5

Heat set: To make your design permanent, heat set all colors by placing cloth or paper towel over dry painted area. Never iron directly on the paint. Use temperature setting appropriate for the particular fabric and heat set for 20-30 seconds per section. Heat set the reverse side in the same manner.

Now, you can enjoy your very own graffiti statement backdrop!