Halloween House Mixed Media Frame

Halloween House Mixed Media Frame

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 9th 2014

Conjure up a colorful, character-filled frame for Halloween with Traditions™ Artist Acrylics.


    • water container
    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • transfer paper
    • scissors
    • pencil
    • tacky glue
    • #10 shader brush
    • small liner brush
    • Fun Foam sheet
    • 12" square wooden frame
    • #4 shader brush
    • large flat brush
    • brayer or old credit card
    • 6" piece of corrugated cardboard
    • small black rhinestones
    • purple buttons
    • wood buttons, simple stars, favorite findings
    • sticker alphabet - newsprint
    • two sheets of scrapbook paper



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Paint the back, sides, and inside edge of the frame Carbon Black.
    2. Adhere scrapbook paper on the front of the frame with Americana Matte Decou-Page. Use a brayer or old credit card to smooth the paper down to the surface and remove the excess Decou-Page to prevent air bubbles. Apply Decou-Page to the top of the paper to seal it. Let dry.
    3. After it’s dry, apply watery mix of Yellow Deep over the entire front surface with a large flat brush, wiping some away with a dry or partially damp paper towel.
    4. Edge the front of the frame with Quinacridone Gold; blend with finger. Do the same with Carbon Black and Dioxazine Purple, adding and taking away until you’re satisfied with the results.
    5. Trace and transfer the pumpkin design onto the frame.
    6. Apply two to three coats of Vermilion to the pumpkins with a #10 shader brush. Let dry between coats and reinforce the pumpkin facial features and lines with a pencil.
    7. When dry, double-load a #10 shader brush with Yellow Oxide and Vermilion; brush lightly over pumpkin to add dimension and highlights.
    8. With a #4 shader brush, paint the facial features Carbon Black.
    9. Apply a watery Burnt Umber mix (with the consistency of ink) with a #4 shader brush along the inside of one edge of each pumpkin for shading. Use a liner brush and the Burnt Umber/water mixture to draw in lines of pumpkins.
    10. When dry, add some highlights along the lines with Yellow Oxide and a liner brush. Apply some touches of Vermilion with a #4 shader brush in the middle of the pumpkins to bring out more highlights.
    11. Finish the pumpkins by adding some Carbon Black and Dioxazine Purple along the outside edges on one side of each pumpkin to create more of a shadow. Smudge with finger. (See photo.)
    12. Cut out the house template, cutting out the roof, chimney, and house separately. Trace the roof template onto cardboard; cut out roof and paint it with 1:1 mix of Dioxazine Purple and Light Violet. Set aside.
    13. Outline the house template onto the frame. (See photo for placement.)
    14. Paint one coat of 1:1 mix of Carbon Black and Warm White over the entire house with a #10 shader brush. Let dry. Paint the door with a mixture of Dioxazine Purple and Light Violet.
    15. Water down Carbon Black. With a liner brush and this mix, add straight lines across the house. Underneath the lines, add a mixture of Warm White and Carbon Black/Warm White mix with a dry brush, brushing over lightly to add highlights.
    16. Cut out 2" x 1/2" rectangles of scrapbook paper for windows. (See photo.) Adhere to the house with Decou-Page and let dry.
    17. When dry, paint windows with a watery mix of Yellow Deep and Quinacridone Gold; let dry. With a #10 shader brush, paint watery Carbon Black around one side of each window edge for shading; draw in windowsills and window frames with watery Carbon Black and a liner brush.
    18. Adhere the roof onto the house and seal with Decou-Page
    19. Add Yellow Oxide polka dots onto the roof and door with the handle end of a paintbrush.
    20. Outline the chimney template onto the top of the roof onto the frame with a #10 shader brush. Paint Carbon Black and add a little Warm White for highlights. With watery Carbon Black, paint swirls coming out of the chimney with a liner brush. (See photo.)
    21. Outline the bird template onto fun foam. Paint with two coats of Carbon Black and let dry. Once it’s dry, adhere the bird to the top of the pumpkins and seal with Decou-Page.
    22. Adhere the words “Happy Halloween” to the lower part of the frame, sealing with Decou-Page to insure good adhesion.
    23. Seal the entire frame (front and back) with two coats of Satin Varnish with a #10 shader brush.
    24. Using a #10 shader brush, paint eight button stars with a mixture of Vermilion and Quinacridone Gold; seal with Satin Varnish. Let dry.
    25. Adhere the stars with tacky glue onto random spots on top and bottom of the frame. Glue a button and black rhinestone on each star. Glue a button and rhinestone onto the door of the house for a doorknob.
    26. Let all dry thoroughly and insert photo into frame.


    Halloween Frame Pattern