Halloween Skull Altered Phone Case

Halloween Skull Altered Phone Case

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 1st 2014

I do love altering stuff, most of all I love to alter things I can use. Phone covers is a fun way to give

your phone a very personal touch.

Items Needed:


I gave the plastic cover a light sanding and primed it with a coat of white Gesso.

Instruction Image #1

I painted a small plaster skull with Media Fluid Acrylic Gold Metallic and glued it to the cover, then I applied a coat of Media Sand Paste with a palette knife.


Instruction Image #2

When the first coat was dry I applied one more coat of Sand Paste around the edge of the skull.

Instruction Image #3

A base coat of Media Fluid Acrylics Dark Grey Value 3.

Instruction Image #4

A color wash of Carbon Black diluted with 50 % water.

Instruction Image #5

I'm not very patient and often use my heat gun to reduce drying time, but I find that color

washes tend to turn out much better if you let them dry on their own.

Instruction Image #6

A lot of dry brushing, first with Medium Grey Value 6

Instruction Image #7

More dry brushing.... now with Titanium White.

Instruction Image #8

A heavy coat of Media Crackle Glaze.

Instruction Image #9

The Crackle Glaze is self leveling so I placed the cover upside down to keep the Glaze on the skull.

Instruction Image #10

When the Glaze was completely dry I brushed on some Media Antiquing Cream Carbon Black, left it to dry and wiped the excess back with a damp cloth.


Instruction Image #11

Two coats of varnish, Gloss Varnish for the skull and Ultra Matte Varnish for the rest.

Instruction Image #12