Hanging Bookshelf Upcycle

Hanging Bookshelf Upcycle

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 20th 2014

That famous saying is true—“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Or in this case, “one person’s garage sale junk, is a crafty person’s treasure.”

Items Needed:


I found this hanging bookshelf that was a bit scuffed up, but still sturdy at a garage sale, and paid the whopping price of $3 for it. I knew I could give it new fabulous life and turn it into a fabulous piece of home décor art, while still being a functional hanging bookshelf for our guest bedroom.

Instruction Image #1

I knew that the new Americana® DÉCOR™ Chalky Finish Paints, sold exclusively at Home Depot, were the perfect solution for my upcycle project. I wanted to brighten up the dark shelf, so I started with a base color of the light blue/green/gray Vintage color. No priming needed. I simply painted straight onto my surface using a large sponge brush. I applied two coats for full coverage, letting the first coat dry 2 hours before applying the next.

Instruction Image #2

Then to add some ‘shabby chic’ vintage flair, I used stencils to decorate the sides of the deep boxed shelf. I painted on a cool diamond pattern on the outer sides using the Distressed Harlequin stencil using painter’s tape to secure the stencil, and using a cosmetic sponge to apply the off-white creamy Lace color Chalky Finish paint.

Instruction Image #3

And I added a couple extra decorative details on the front of my shelf with the deep gray Relic color Chalky Finish paint and the Vintage Keys stencil.

Instruction Image #4

After my stenciling was complete, I wanted to add an extra layer of subtle color to complete my distressed vintage look. I used the Crème Wax in both clear and Golden Brown to achieve this.


Instruction Image #5

Using soft lint-free cloths, I first applied a coat of the clear Crème Wax, and then while it was still wet, I applied a light uneven coat of the Golden Brown Crème Wax. I buffed and wiped off the brown color until I got the desired distressed effect.

I love how it turned out, and it is the perfect addition to our guest bedroom.

Instruction Image #6

The Chalky Finish paint is so versatile. I can’t wait to use on my next crafty DIY project!


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