Happy Camper Postcard

Happy Camper Postcard

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 29th 2015

Send a quick "hello" during your travels with this fun postcard!

Thanks for joining us on the Spellbinders' Summer Road Trip Partner Hop!
We hope that you come away inspired to create...

Find all of the Partner Hop and prize information below the full project instructions. There are some awesome prizes to be won each day!

Items Needed:


Cut a piece of watercolor paper to desired size of postcard. (Optional: Cut another piece the same size for the backing. The back of the postcard may get messy, so it can be covered with another piece of paper the same size. This will also add stability.)

Instruction Image #1

Create a mix of Titanium White, Cobalt Turquoise Hue, a small amount of Phthalo Turquoise, Burnt Umber, and a small amount of Carbon Black. Create a wash and apply to the entire surface. Use a paper towel to wipe back any areas that get too much pigment and to create a textured look. On a small scrap piece of watercolor paper, repeat the process. Set aside the scrap to be used later.

Instruction Image #2

Create a mix of Titanium White with a small amount of Hansa Yellow Light. Position the Americana Radical Rays Stencil in the top right corner. Using a cosmetic sponge, apply mix to the stencil, allowing paint to fade out.

Instruction Image #3

Run the desired shape for the sun through the Spellbinders machine using yellow scrapbook paper (or watercolor paper). Use the same color from the rays to paint the sun.

Instruction Image #4

Cut out the hills and foreground on different patterned scrapbook papers. (If they come off the sides of the postcard, it can be trimmed later.) Do NOT glue pieces down yet.

Instruction Image #5

Create a mix of Carbon Black and Titanium White. Apply a slightly translucent wash to the road. Let dry completely. Dip the very corner of a cosmetic sponge into water and then into Burnt Umber, create a distressed edge on all pieces. Practice on a scrap piece of paper if needed. Adhere all pieces to the surface using Matte Medium; trim to fit the surface.

Instruction Image #6

Draw a camper and car onto a piece of watercolor paper. Paint the camper with a wash of Quinacridone Magenta. Distress the edge with Burnt Umber. Paint the car in Green Gold. Do not cut out yet. Paint a small scrap piece of watercolor paper in Hansa Yellow Light.

Instruction Image #7

Position the heart cut-out on the camper as desired. Position the flower cut-out on a piece of yellow watercolor paper. Run both pieces through a Spellbinders machine. Cut the yellow piece to the size of the door. Put the camper and car in an embossing folder of choice and run through a Spellbinders machine. Highlight the texture and distress all pieces using a fan brush and Burnt Umber.

Instruction Image #8

Cut the scrap watercolor paper from our earlier step to size for window cut-outs. Draw car windows and cut out. For the camper, adhere paper to the back of camper and door using Matte Medium. For the car, adhere to the surface of car using Matte Medium.

Cut three pieces of small scrapbook paper; position cut out die; and run through Spellbinders machine at one time. Position flowers and adhere using Matte Medium. Use a mix of Green Gold and Burnt Umber for stems and leaves.

Run the label on patterned scrapbook paper through a Spellbinders machine. Paint the middle with a mix of Titanium White, Phthalo Turquoise, Burnt Umber, and Green Gold. Let dry. Once dry, free-hand a word of choice onto the label using a liner brush and Carbon Black. Outline in Green Gold. Cut a piece of patterned scrapbook paper into a strip. Distress with Burnt Umber and cosmetic sponge. Adhere the label and strip to the surface and cut to fit.

Outline elements using a liner brush and Carbon Black. Add the tires on the camper and car in same color

Instruction Image #12

Write a message of your choice and address on reverse side. Mail it out during your fun summer travels!

It has been DecoArt's pleasure to be part of the Spellbinder's Summer Road Trip Partner Hop today. DecoArt Team Member, Felicity Greiner, created a super cute postcard to send from your summer adventures. We hope that you've enjoyed the tutorial and are inspired to create your own postcard.

Head on over to Joy's Life for even more DecoArt/Spellbinders inspiration!

Instruction Image #14

Now... it's time to talk about the prizes! 

Click here to enter to win your own Spellbinder's Sapphire Machine along with some other great daily prizes! One grand prize winner and 3 daily winners will be chosen. Daily winners will receive product from each of the companies featured on that day. The grand prize winner will win a Sapphire Machine along with all of the partner goodies from all 3 days of the hop.

Today's winner will receive goodies from: 
     DecoArt (you've read one of our posts, now check out Joy's)
     May Arts
     Xyron (Karen Jiles and Marcia

Make sure to take a second to visit all of these partner posts above. You're sure to be inspired!

Contest rules can be found by clicking here.

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