Happy Earth Day | Celebrate our Beautiful World

Happy Earth Day | Celebrate our Beautiful World

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 21st 2020

There is always time to seek out the beauty in this wonderful world we live in. Yes, these are scary days no matter where you live, but we can calm ourselves with the beauty that nature offers us. On this Earth Day 2020, take some time to pause and appreciate all the little things around us. Take walk outside, getting your garden ready for the season, looking for the flowers peeking up through the snow…these can bring joy to your heart and nourish your soul. Be well!

Items Needed:


Step 1: Brush a fairly thick layer of gesso onto the canvas, then press some plastic wrap into the gesso and leave for a bit to create some texture. (A bit of the blue ink from the packaging came off, but no worries, it will be covered.) Let dry completely. 

Instruction Image #1

Instruction Image #2

Step 2: Draw a wavy line with a pencil, then brushed the Ultra-black Enchanted paint in the top section for a night sky. Once it dries, brush on the Enchanted Blue, then blend in some Magenta and Violet. Now let me tell you, this paint is magic!! It transforms as soon as you brush it on the black, and it was an “Oh WOW” moment for me!

Instruction Image #3

Instruction Image #4

Instruction Image #5

Instruction Image #6

Step 3: Now for the landscape section in the lower half of the canvas. I’m using the lovely new 2020 colors for my canvas. Paint in patchy areas with the Matcha Green, Jadeite Glass and Eucalyptus Leaf. Be sure to paint around the edges of the canvas, since they will show. Sometimes, it is just easier to blend with your finger, so I did that and finished the greens. 

Instruction Image #7

Instruction Image #8

Instruction Image #9

Instruction Image #10

Step 4: As I worked, I wiped off any extra paint onto a couple of sheets of deli paper to use later in my project. 

Instruction Image #11

Step 5: To create the illusion of flowers in the landscape, dot in several colors, starting with Cobblestone, then Moody Blue, Warm Sunset, and finishing with Cactus Flower. I tried using a skewer stick, then switched to a small detail brush which worked better. 

Instruction Image #12

Instruction Image #13

Step 6: Go back into the night sky with the Segmented Swirls stencil and Aqua Glamour Dust, to add in a bit of interest and texture. A cosmetic sponge is a great tool for working with a stencil, just be sure to use a bit of paint. 

Instruction Image #14

Step 7: Take the splatter brush and a bit of watered down Titanium White and splatter it into the night sky to create stars.

Instruction Image #15

Step 8: I brushed and blended additional colors onto the deli papers, using Neon Peach Punch and Sizzling Pink. I also blended in some Fluid Acrylics in Hansa Yellow Medium and Pyrrole Orange, then added a bit of the Aqua Glamour Dust paint. Let this dry completely. 

Instruction Image #16

Instruction Image #17

Step 9: Use a permanent black pen to sketch out the collage pieces on the deli paper. Cut out, then adhere to the canvas with Ultra Matte Varnish. Let dry completely. 

Instruction Image #18

Instruction Image #19

Step 10: Doodle in more details with the flowers using the black pen. Add the word strips, and edge the canvas with black ink. 

Instruction Image #20

Details: I am really looking forward to Spring, and since my flowers are not blooming yet, I had fun creating my own whimsical flowers. One of my favorite techniques is to add in some doodling with a black pen. I like how it makes everything pop. Let’s all appreciate our beautiful world. Take care and be well, Maura 

Instruction Image #21

Instruction Image #22