Happy Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Happy Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 29th 2016

Wreaths are a great way to add holiday festivity and it can be so simple and quick, even if you don't consider yourself 'crafty.'  I have a plain grapevine wreath that I dressed up with a wooden pumpkin hanging in the middle.  It was a very simple craft and it will be very easy to swap it out when fall is over.

Items Needed:


Mix the two paints together in a 5:1 ratio, with white being the higher ratio.  Paint the wood pumpkin with this color.  Let it dry.

Instruction Image #1

Paint another coat in the Picket Fence color.  Let it dry.

Instruction Image #2

Free hand the phrase 'Happy Fall Y'all!' with a pencil (it's a good idea to practice on paper first and draw your perimeters for the words on the pumpkin.)

Instruction Image #3

Using a fine paintbrush, paint the words in black.

Sand the pumpkin until it's smooth and distressed.

Drill a hole in the stem and thread the twine through it.  Tie the pumpkin onto the wreath.

Instruction Image #6

Hang your new fall wreath on your front door and enjoy!

Instruction Image #7