Harvest Angel

Harvest Angel

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 27th 2014

I want to share with you a tutorial for creating a harvest angel. The colors can be easily swapped out to create a Christmas angel as well. Replace the flowers in the pot with poinsettia and change the green grass to snow.

Items Needed:


With foam brush, spread a good amount of decou-page onto canvas. Cut your tissue paper down to your canvas size. Re-apply decou-page over entire face of canvas and quickly place your tissue paper down and rub lightly to make sure it is adhered to canvas. Lightly decou-page over tissue paper to seal. Let dry.

With foam brush, make a mixture of 1 teaspoon(approximate) of gesso and 1 teaspoon(approximate) of water onto plastic plate. Quickly apply a light layer of mixture onto canvas over tissue paper, pouncing a little darker around the edges of your canvas.

Place Retro Mod stencil down onto canvas using the part of the Retro Mod stencil that appeals to you. Using the DecoArt Misters Primary Cyan and Primary Yellow, spritz over canvas. Move stencil to another part of canvas and spritz again. Repeat this process until the canvas has the stencil effect you are looking for. Use ink pad and roller to place markings onto the canvas, adding a little more to the layer.

Instruction Image #3

With angle brush and gesso, draw out your image onto your canvas. I freehanded the angel, flowerpot, flowers and wings. Add in all shapes with the gesso that you want to add color too With the back of any paint brush, you can draw into your gesso for added texture.

Instruction Image #4

Paint the colors onto the gesso images. Using a plastic plate, mix a few drops of Burnt Umber and Vermillion and a drop of Naphthol Red Light, add a touch of water to make it last longer as you spread the color over the gown. Paint the flowerpot with this color and lightly blot with damp paper towel to give the flowerpot a highlighted spot. Make a mixture of Burnt Umber, Vermillion, Primary Yellow and Titanium white to add to the wings. To that mixture add more Titanium white to add the detail in a lighter color around the wings and lighter wings within the wings. Mix colors for the effects of darker and lighter to add different levels of colors to your images. Paint Primary Yellow onto flowers using small detail brush. Add a bit of Vermillion throughout the flowers for different shading using just the tip of your detail brush. Using the detail brush, apply Yellow Green Light to the leaves of flowers and grass, Dip the tip of the detail brush in a bit of Phthalo Green Blue and just swish lightly throughout the leaves and grass to add a little darkness to them. Do the same thing with Titanium White.

Paint heart with Naphthol Red Light with detail brush.

Paint face and neck of angel flesh color, using an extreme small amount of each of the following colors mixed on a plastic plate: Naphthol Red Light and Titanium White, mix. Add in Primary Yellow and then Yellow Green Light. This should make flesh color. For cheeks, add a small amount of Primary Magenta. With detail brush, brush two small spots on face of angel where cheeks are.

Instruction Image #7

With detail brush paint Burnt Umber for hair. Add a little of Metallic, Carbon Black and Titanium White throughout head to create a hairdo.

With detail brush and gesso, create a headdress on the angels head.

Using detail brush, lightly paint headdress with Yellow Green Lightin a few spots of the headdress. Without changing brushes or wiping it off run brush through Phthalo Green Blue and paint a few spots of the headdress and again using Primary Yellow. This will give a leaf effect for a headdress.

Instruction Image #10

With detail brush, paint three spots of the headdress to create flowers.

Paint headdress flowers with Vermillion using detail brush.

Using the back of any paint brush, using Primary Yellow, create dots around the wings and within the wings. Using the tip of a detail brush, using Titanium White, Place a smaller dot within the dots already placed on the wings. Add dots around neck of dress for more detail.

Using Primary Yellow and Vermillion, take detail brush and create zig-zags along the bottom of gown.

Using detail brush dipped in Burnt Umber, lightly brush around images to shade.

Using both white and black ink pens-trace haphazardly around images to highlight them.

Water down each color separately: Titanium White and Naphthol Red Light. With size 5 brush, run through Titanium White, tap brush on your finger to create small splatters onto canvas. Repeat this process with the Naphthol Red Light.

Using the colors within the canvas, rub finger in one color and rub in along the edge of the canvas, on all four sides. Repeat process with different colors to create a frame around the edge.

Seal with varnish.