How To Dress Up Cheap Furniture

How To Dress Up Cheap Furniture

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 14th 2016

There was once this little bench-style cabinet that held the TV in the playroom for several years and that I've had for so long I can't even remember where it came from. I do remember, however, it came from a box and we had to put it together ourselves. Recently I've started to rearrange things in the house and I found a new, and more suitable, stand for the playroom TV. I seriously considered just donating this cabinet but then I thought, I could really use a storage bench for the mudroom area. Why not use this?

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So whether you've got an old piece lying around or your college budget only allows you to buy furniture from a box, here's how to dress it up so that no one knows: 1) that it came from a box or 2) how old it is.

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DecoArt's Americana Decor Stain Enamels are the perfect paint for kitchen or bathroom cabinets and furniture. And while it works the best it also works on cheap laminate furniture like this one! Here's how to dress up your furniture or cabinets no matter where they came from.

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Start by sanding lightly with fine grit sandpaper to rough up the surface and give the surface some tooth. Or, use a medium grit sandpaper first to remove any blemishes and then follow up with a fine grit to smooth out the surface.

Remove any dust with a tack cloth.

Use a brush to brush on the paint in any areas where a roller can't reach, then roll on the paint with cabinet roller. Allow at least 2 hours before re-coating.

Once you've reached desired coverage allow paint to cure. There's no need to add a top coat as it's already built in!

Don't ask me how, but I happen to know that this paint is so good that it easily covers laminate without having to sand first. But since this is a do as I say and not as I do scenario, it's always a good idea to rough up the surface a little prior to painting. Consider it your insurance policy.

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I also happen to know that this paint easily covers hardware, too. It is such a pristine and durable finish without being too "bulky" like other paints that can be super thick and make it impossible to close a door or drawer after a couple of coats.

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And this crosshatch design is so much prettier in white!

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And now, you'd never know it came from a box. Or, that's it's at least 15 years old! What could these Satin Enamels helps you cover up?

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