Industrial Honeycomb Canvas

Industrial Honeycomb Canvas

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 27th 2017

Modern/Retro hexagonal element textural canvas with a grungy industrial finish.

Items Needed:


Adhere MDF lattice pattern, once dry apply Modelling Paste with a palette knife to areas of the lattice

Instruction Image #1

and applying Crackle paste to surrounding areas.

Instruction Image #2

Once dry, approximately 24 hours as it was very thick in the recesses arrange the top decorative elements and adhere.

Instruction Image #3

Spritz the Canvas with water, and start applying Yellow Oxide.

Instruction Image #4

Followed with Dioxadine Purple, spritzing with water and blending with the Yellow Oxide.

Instruction Image #5

Apply Carbon Black to the purple areas and spritzing and blending.

Instruction Image #6

Dilute and create washes of colour by spritzing and allow the colour to pool and seep into the cracks and textures.

Instruction Image #7

Once happy with the overall colour balance allow to dry naturally.

Instruction Image #8

Apply Quinacridone Gold neat to areas and water down in others.

Instruction Image #9

Allow to fill all the recesses and textures.

Instruction Image #10

Instruction Image #11