Initials Canvas Artwork

Initials Canvas Artwork

Posted by DecoArt on May 8th 2016

I've never thought of myself as a traditionalist when it comes to weddings. I'm always drawn to brights, bolds, and jewel tones. It was no surprise that we planned a fall wedding for ourselves! Using some traditional jewel tone colors from the Multi-Surface line, I created a fun Initials Canvas Artwork that pops.

Items Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Paper Mache Letters
  • Glue
  • Paint Brushes


Gather your materials.

Instruction Image #1

The first thing I did was paint the canvas in Night Sky. I used a very light amount.

Instruction Image #2

While the canvas was drying, I painted the tops of the initials in Deep Turquoise, the ampersand in Eggplant, and the sides in Red Barn.

Instruction Image #3

Once the canvas and letters were dry, I placed the letters on the canvas and traced them with a pencil. I then carried the edges of the letters to the bottom right using a ruler.

Instruction Image #4

To make the drop shadows, I painted a thicker coat of Night Sky within the lines. It didn't look like much here, but just wait!

Instruction Image #5

Once everything was dry, it was time to attach the letters where they had been traced. The letters are light, so just a bit of glue did the job.

Instruction Image #6

How striking does that look?! My favorite part, though, is looking at it from the side and seeing that pop.

Instruction Image #7

I love the idea of creating this in a friend's wedding colors. It would be great for a bridal shower or as part of a wedding display. And when the event is over, it makes fantastic artwork for the couple's home! I'm pretty tickled with how this Initials Canvas Artwork turned out!