Introducing 2017 New Products

Introducing 2017 New Products

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 6th 2017

Here at DecoArt, the new year means new products! We are excited to share with you a sneak peek at what you will find on store shelves and in our online store in the next few months. Let us know in the comments which product you are most excited to try out!

Americana Decor® Curb Appeal™: A durable outdoor paint that will ensure your home is putting its best foot forward! This fade-resistant paint is fast-drying and formulated to work on front doors, shutters, railings, mailboxes, and more! Available in stores spring 2017.

Skinny curb appeal collage

DecoArt® Vintage Effect Wash: Inspired by Nordic design trends of light and washed-out looks, this line offers transparent pickling color washes. It can be used on raw or finished surfaces to brighten them without hiding the natural wood grain. Available in stores spring 2017.

Skinny vintage effect collage

Americana Decor® Wood Reclaim: Coat, seal, and create a uniform finish over weathered wood surfaces. Wood Reclaim is specially designed for extremely weathered wood surfaces like old porches, wooden benches, porch swings, pallets, and more. Available in stores spring 2017. 

Skinny wood reclaim collage

Americana® Premium™ Acrylics: Americana Premium Acrylics provide an intermediate-level, artist-grade tube acrylic at an affordable price point. Available in stores spring 2017.

Skinny premium collage

DecoArt® Extreme Sheen™: Offering an advanced, finely-pigmented formula, Extreme Sheen is the brightest, water-based, acrylic metallic paint on the market. Whether you prefer jewel tones or traditional metallic colors, you are guaranteed a uniform, durable metallic shimmer from the ultra-fine, reflective pigments. Available in stores spring 2017.

Extreme sheen collage

DecoArt® Patent Leather™: Create and refresh high-gloss patent leather looks on leather and leather-like surfaces. Ideal for shoes, boots, belts, purses, and faux leather. Available in stores spring 2017.

Skinny leather collage

NEW Americana® Colors: We have 9 new colors to add to your favorite brand of matte acrylic paint! These were selected based on current color trends. Available in stores spring 2017.

Skinny americana collage

NEW Crafter's Acrylic® Sizes & Set: Select colors of our economical Crafter's Acrylics are now available in 16-oz. tall jars. We've also added 10 new colors to our 4-oz. family. Like to get your bright on? We have a new 12-pack set available of our brightest Crafter's Acrylic hues. Available spring 2017.

Skinny crafters collage

NEW Americana® Chalky Finish for Glass Colors: Our popular ultra-matte paint for glass is now available in 4 new trendy colors. Available in stores spring 2017.

Skinny chalky glass collage

NEW DecoArt Media® Mediums: We've expanded the DecoArt Media line with 3 new mediums: Texture Paste, Clear Modeling Paste, and Heavy Gel Medium. Keep a look out for video tutorials on the mixed media website. Available spring 2017.

Mixed media

NEW Americana Decor® Stencils: We've added to our Americana Decor stencil line with designs specially selected for outdoor projects. Available in stores spring 2017.

AD stencil collage

Stay tuned in the coming days for even more information about the 2017 NEW products, and take a few minutes to flip digitally through our 2017 product catalog.

We can't wait to see what you create this year! Don't forget to tag us on social media and use #decoartprojects for a chance to be featured.