"Joy" Wreath with Floral Accents

"Joy" Wreath with Floral Accents

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 23rd 2015

Let DecoArt Media® Fluid Acrylics bring the joy to holiday home décor.


    • scissors
    • staple gun
    • burlap ribbon
    • assorted ribbon
    • wooden letter
    • wire
    • twine
    • floral wire
    • ink pad
    • 3D flowers
    • grapevine wreath
    • craft paper
    • brads



    Let dry completely between painting steps.

    1. Paint (9) circles on a large piece of craft paper: (3) large circles in Pyrrole Red; (3) medium circles in a mix of Pyrrole Red and a small drop of Payne's Grey; and (3) small circles with a mix of Pyrrole Red and 2 drips of Payne's Grey. Use the darker red mix to add a few highlights to the largest circles. Save the darkest red mix for later step. (Refer to photo.)
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Tear out all circles and crumple up.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Un-crumple the circles. Rub a brown ink pad along the tops and edges of the circles. Layer from the largest to smallest to create (3) flowers. Attach together with a large brad.
    6. Instruction #3
    7. Use a Crystal Craft Twinkles Writer to add sparkle along the edges of each flower. Attach to the wreath with a small piece of floral wire by wrapping around the back of the brad and then around the wreath. Attach one flower at a time.
    8. Instruction #4
    9. Add the 3D flowers onto the wreath. Attach using the floral wire.
    10. Instruction #5
    11. Use the darkest red mix from step 1 to paint the wooden letters "J" and "Y". Mix equal parts of Payne's Grey, Hansa Yellow Medium, Phthalo Green-Yellow, and Titan Buff to create a deep green. Paint the O with the mix. Outline several of the edges of each letter with the Crystal Craft Twinkles Writer.
    12. Instruction #6
    13. Cut a yard of burlap ribbon and fold. (Refer to photo.)
    14. Instruction #7
    15. Cut a separate piece of burlap ribbon to 18" and fold over, but be sure to overlap the edges.
    16. Instruction #8
    17. Layer the ribbon, with the smaller piece on the top.
    18. Instruction #9
    19. Tie a piece of twine around the center to form the bow. Tie red and green ribbon around the center of the bow as well for added color.
    20. Instruction #10
    21. Attach the ribbon and letters to the wreath using wire. Thread the wire through the back of the ribbon and wrap the wire around wreath to attach to the bow. Staple or tape the wire to the back of the letters and then wrap the wire around part of the wreath to attach.
    22. Instruction #11