'Joy'ful Letters

'Joy'ful Letters

Posted by DecoArt on Dec 13th 2013

I am determined this year to create some Christmas decorations for my home that are more "me" and that I actually love. I am thrilled with how my first attempt came out with these fun Joy letters.

Items Needed:

  • Styrofoam Wreath Form That Is About The Same Size As Your Letters
  • Bells (also From The Craft Store)
  • Hot Glue Gun


Lay your letters out.

Instruction Image #1

Paint the J with the Lipstick red paint and the Y with the Turf Green. This took me about 3-4 coats. It will depend on what type of letters you get and how well you want it to coat. If I had wanted more of a rustic look I could have done 1-2 coats and left some of the black showing through:

Instruction Image #2

Let the letters dry.

Hot glue the bells all the way around the wreath:

Instruction Image #3

You can either prop these letters up on a shelf or, they have holes in the back to hang them with nails, so you could hang them on the wall.

Hope your Christmas is filled with JOY!

Instruction Image #4