"Lava in the Ocean" Poured Canvas Art

"Lava in the Ocean" Poured Canvas Art

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 5th 2018

Pour art that takes on an organic look and feel with acrylic paint and DecoArt Pouring Medium


    • 16" x 20" Canvas



    Paint pouring is an unpredictable process. No two pieces will turn out the same, no matter how hard you try. Let go and enjoy the randomness in this creative process!

    Protect your surface and your hands. Watch our video on "How to Prep for Paint Pouring".

    1. Pour Turquoise Blue, Bright Orange, Baby Blue, Bright Yellow, and Titanium White Americana Acrylics into plastic cups. Add appropriate amount of Pouring Medium (see label) and mix well.
    2. Slowly pour Turquoise Blue, Baby Blue, and Titanium White into a single cup (see "Basic Dirty Pour" tutorial video). Place canvas on top of the cup and flip over while holding the cup securely on the canvas surface.
    3. Slowly remove the cup from the canvas and watch the magic begin!
    4. Tilt the canvas in various directions to move paint around. Continue until the entire canvas is covered.
    5. Next, slowly pour Bright Orange, and Bright Yellow into a single cup. Pour directly on top of the previously poured blue paints. For this canvas, we poured in a diagonal direction across the canvas.
    6. Tilt the canvas in various directions to move the orange paint around. Continue until you achieve your desired effect. Place on small cups (to elevate) and let dry.