Limiting Your Color Palette

Limiting Your Color Palette

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 14th 2017

I'm a color person when it comes to art-making--lots of it--more is more for me.  But sometimes when you begin a project too many choices can be overwhelming, as in my case.  After wondering a while  what I wanted to make for the DecoArt blog, I decided to challenge myself with  using just 3 colors for my project, which helped me begin to bring my piece together. My 3 colors were there in front of me, so I just started making some art, not having to think if I needed anymore.  The colors I chose were Titan Buff, Rose Gold, and a dark brown.  I ended up loving the end result.

Items Needed:


Begin by adhering cut up book pages to the front and sides of the cradle board with DecoArt Matte Medium using a brayer to get all of the air bubbles out.  Cover the top of the pages also with the matte medium to seal them before proceeding to the next step--let dry.

Instruction Image #1

Next cover everything, including the sides,  with a layer of the Titan Buff lightly with a dry paintbrush and a brayer--wiping some away in spots with a paper towel while the paint is still wet to expose some of the text.

Instruction Image #2

Next layer--add some lace in random areas on the surface, using the matte medium to adhere it--to the top and bottom of the lace.  When dry,  add a light layer of titan buff with a dry paintbrush--loosely skimming over the texture of the lace--let dry.

Instruction Image #3

Next step--apply DecoArt Crackle Glaze to random spots of the surface, including the sides, and let dry.  Take the Metallic Lustre and rub over the glazed parts to expose the cracks and also in the non-glazed spots of the surface and sides.  This was the first time that I used  Metallic Lustre--I applied it with my finger and then buffed it out with a cloth--I LOVE IT!   After you're happy with the results, take the brown permanent stamp pad and apply it along the sides and also to the lace  which will give the piece an aged look

Instruction Image #4

When all is dry, spray the entire surface and sides with either a satin or matte varnish--set aside.  Now is the time to create your story.  It's not hard for me, since I'm addicted to flea markets, and I have plenty of items to rummage through to find just the right ones that I'd like to use.  I chose some old hardware (my favorite), lace, a doll head and some jewelry embellishments and burlap flowers (which were bought at the local craft store).

Instruction Image #5

Using the same 3 colors that you used for the cradle board paint the items that you decide to use for your piece, if desired.  First, paint them with the Titan Buff (let dry),  and then rubbing in the Rose Gold  Metallic Lustre, followed by the brown ink stamp pad--in the same manner that the cradle board was made.  When all is dry, spray with the varnish.

Instruction Image #6

The best way to attach heavy pieces is by wiring them down to the surface.  I drilled holes in the board for the heavy hinge to wire down, and I also applied Apoxie Sculpt to the back of the hinge to secure it. Apoxie Sculpt is a 2-part clay type of adhesive ( mixed together in the same manner as epoxy).  Once dry, it's solid and very secure for heavier items. I screwed the door plate down and hid the screws by covering them with pearl heads.  This is why it's good to use a deep-sided wood board if you need to screw items down.  I finished by adding some of my other embellishments for enhancing the design.

Instruction Image #7

Mixed media is a wonderful way to create art--the possibilities are endless, which is a good thing, but there are times when it can become confusing.  When this happens, try limiting your choices of mediums and paint colors.  I found that this way helped me very much when I started to have a bit of an artist's block.  I usually like more, but this time, less was more.

Instruction Image #8