Liquid Glass Heart

Liquid Glass Heart

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 26th 2015

Liquid glass isn't just for 3D rain drops, its a very versatile product and has become one of my favourites.

Items Needed:


I made my own stencil using thick card stock. This was placed over grease proof baking paper, I squeezed the liquid glass onto the heart stencil and using a knife spread the medium. When this was done I carefully removed the stencil and left to air dry for 24hrs. The drying time is very important and cannot be rushed by using a heat tool, when the liquid glass is dry it turns from opaque to clear and it peels easily off the grease proof paper.

Instruction Image #1

I took a plain journal and roughly coated it with white gesso and heat dried. Then added a random coating of crackle paint and heat dried.

Instruction Image #2

Thick splodges of each of the coloured paint was randomly placed then water was spritzed over the lot and tipped so it would run and merge in the crackle and the other paint, thus creating new colours and heat dried.

Instruction Image #3

The card heart cut out from the stencil was painted in a mixture of white gesso and a hint of pyrrole red, creating a candy pink and heat dried. The liquid glass heart was placed on the top to create movement (I had added some stitching with silver thread to the heart...yes its pliable) and some chit chat stickers for the final touch.

Instruction Image #4

A beautiful bright and fun journal created with just a few ingredients.

Instruction Image #5