Love Frame

Love Frame

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 19th 2017

Hi, Pam here on the DecoArt Media Blog today and love is in the air! What better way to celebrate "love" but with a piece of chipboard and some DecoArt Media Paints and Stencils. 

Items Needed:


Begin by painting a piece of chipboard with Gesso; dry.

Instruction Image #1

Apply paint randomly to top of prepared chipboard; dry. Paint thick coat of Weathered Wood and allow to dry completely.

Instruction Image #2

Paint Crackle Paste to prepared chipboard; dry.

Instruction Image #3

Mix Cadmium Red and Titanium White together to make pink. Wash paint over prepared chipboard.

Instruction Image #4

Trace around prepared chipboard to tracing paper with pencil; write "love" and heart on tracing paper. Place transfer paper and written tracing paper on top of prepared chipboard. Trace "love" and heart with stylus.

Instruction Image #5

Paint  "love" with Carbon Black paint and heart with Cadmium Red Paint; dry.

Instruction Image #6

Lay Doily Stencil on prepared chipboard; apply Crackle Paint using palette knife. Dry. Repeat to the entire chipboard piece. 

Instruction Image #7

Stamp background stamp with Carbon Black and Cadmium Red; dry.

Instruction Image #8

Mix Crackle Paste with Yellow Oxide. Lay Pixelated Stencil to top of prepared chipboard; apply paste mix to top with palette knife. Dry.

Instruction Image #9

Cut a second chipboard larger than the painted piece; cover with pattern paper to create base. Dry brush edges with Cadmium Red using stencil brush.

Instruction Image #10

Adhere black cardstock to the front of the base.

Instruction Image #11

Adhere prepared chipboard to the top of the base. Seal with satin varnish; dry.

Instruction Image #12

Adhere dragonfly to top of Love Frame.

Instruction Image #13