"Love Has Wings"

"Love Has Wings"

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 24th 2015

"Love Has Wings" mixed media wall hanging.

Items Needed:


Cut two rectangles of thick corrugated card approximately 3" x 4" and cut a window out of one of them.

Instruction Image #1

Glue a piece of book paper to the solid rectangle - I chose a dictionary definition of the word "Fly".

Instruction Image #2

Make a glaze by adding a drop of Cobalt Teal Hue to a little Ultra Matte Varnish and brush this over the book paper. Repeat with a glaze of Yellow Oxide.

Instruction Image #3

Crumple up more book paper, flatten out and glue to one side of the cut out rectangle. Cut a cross into the paper behind the window and fold the edges back over the card, sticking into place.

Instruction Image #4

Turn over and paint the inner edges and top surface with Raw Sienna. When dry, go over with a little Transparent Red Iron Oxide and then with even less of Burnt Umber. Allow to dry.

Instruction Image #5

Turn the "frame" over and glue the solid rectangle to the unpainted side (so the text shows through the window). Fold and glue the rest of the book paper around the solid rectangle before painting as in previous step.

Instruction Image #6

 Take a 3" wide piece of corrugated card and cut a half circle at one end.

Instruction Image #7

Scrunch a thin sausage of aluminum foil and glue to the curve, being sure to stop half an inch from the bottom edge as shown. 

Instruction Image #8

Cover with scrunched book paper and paint as in previous step to match the frame. This will be the pediment.

Instruction Image #9

Paint the wings on both sides with Gesso, being sure to leave plenty of brush marks in the surface. Allow to dry.

Instruction Image #10

Paint one side of a wing with Cobalt Turquoise Hue, spritz with a little water and remove some of the paint with a soft cloth. Repeat on each side of both wings.

Instruction Image #11

Using your finger, gently rub Gold Rush Metallic Lustre over the wings, followed by Copper Kettle in some areas. You are only aiming to pick up the textural details so don't rub very hard.

Instruction Image #12

Add the Brilliant Turquoise Metallic Lustre over the frame and pediment.

Instruction Image #13

Glue the wings to the lower edge of the pediment and glue the frame on top to trap them between the two. Keep pressed down,  or place a weight on top, until the glue is set.

Instruction Image #14

Cut a 2" x 3" piece of corrugated card and cover with book paper, painting as before to match the frame. Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of it and stick to the back of the frame below the pediment to act as a hanger.

Instruction Image #15

Paint the small heart with Cobalt Turquoise Hue, allow to dry and paint with a coat of Matte Medium.

Instruction Image #16

Use a palette knife to add a thickish layer of Crackle Paste over the heart. Allow to dry naturally - if placed in a warm, sunny room it will take less time for crackles to appear.

Instruction Image #17

Meanwhile, paint the chipboard letters with Carbon Black - the more roughly the better. Once dry, rub over with the variously coloured Metallic Lustres. Glue to the inside back of the frame.

Instruction Image #18

Paint a key with Burnt Umber and a crown and small heart with Cobalt Turquoise Hue, giving each two layers. Once dry, rub over with Gold Rush Metallic Lustre.

Instruction Image #19

Glue the crown to the back of the top of the pediment, adding painted book paper strips for extra strength. Glue the tiny heart to the inside of the pediment.

Instruction Image #20

Add dictionary words to the wings and frame as shown. Make glazes as in step 3 and paint over the words to blend them into the surface.

Instruction Image #21

Once fully crackled, paint the heart with the Patina Green Antiquing Cream before removing some of the colour with a soft cloth. Apply a coat of Ultra Matte Varnish.

Instruction Image #22

Glue the key to the centre of the heart and rub Gold Rush Metallic Lustre around the edges of the heart before gluing to the bottom edge of the frame to complete the project. Allow everything to fully set before hanging.

Instruction Image #23

Instruction Image #24