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Love is All You Need

Love is All You Need

Posted by DecoArt on Feb 2nd 2017

As I was thinking about what I could do for Valentine's Day this project came together. But this project isn’t just for Valentines… it is a motto that we can use all year long. Love truly changes everything. I love how all the various parts come together to make this beautiful piece and that frame! Yummy grungy goodness. Enjoy the video.

Media Crackle Paste
Media Matte Medium
Media Ultra Matte Varnish
Media Fluid Acrylics
     - Titan Buff
     - Titanium White
     - Burnt Umber
     - Quinacridone Magenta
     - Carbon Black
Americana Glazing Medium
8x10 MDF Board
Air Dry Clay
Wood Hearts
E6000 Quick Dry Glue
Discarded Frame with 8x10 opening
Book Pages
Palette Knife
Rag or Wipes