Love Notes Mailbox

Love Notes Mailbox

Posted by DecoArt on Jan 15th 2015

Top a Valentine's Day table with this "noteworthy" accent.


    • 1" flat brush
    • 1/2" flat brush
    • #3/0 liner brush
    • painter's or masking tape (optional)
    • papier-mâché mailbox
    • chipboard heart
    • 3/8" white button
    • pencil eraser
    • multi-purpose liquid glue
    • dimensional adhesive
    • wooden spool
    • wooden candlestick cup
    • paper flowers
    • embroidery thread
    • wooden sign



    Apply additional coats as desired, and let the surfaces dry completely between coats. Wash brushes between paint colors.

    1. Using the 1” flat or sponge brush, apply Americana Primer & Sealer to all surfaces and let dry.
    2. Paint the outside of the mailbox, except the back and flag, using a 1” flat brush and Poodleskirt Pink.
    3. With the 1" flat brush, paint the back of the mailbox Blue Harbor and the inside of the mailbox and the inside of the mailbox door Green Tea.
    4. Use Baby Pink and 1/2" flat brush to paint the horizontal stripes on the outside of the mailbox, using painter’s tape to place the lines if desired.
    5. Paint the mailbox flag, chipboard heart, and ends of the spool/candlestick holder with Razzle Berry on a 1/2” flat brush. (See photo.)
    6. Use the 1/2” flat brush to paint the inner ends of the spool and candlestick holder Poodleskirt Pink, and the #3/0 liner brush to add Blue Harbor detail stripes. (See photo.) Glue Poodleskirt Pink ends together to create the mailbox post and wrap light green embroidery floss around the joined area. Glue the post to the bottom of the mailbox, making sure to balance the weight.
    7. Use a pencil eraser dipped lightly in Razzle Berry to stamp dots around the front and back of the mailbox arches.
    8. With the 1/2” flat brush, paint the wooden sign Blue Harbor and dry-brush Green Tea over the edges of the sign. Paint “Love Notes” using Snow White and a #3/0 liner brush, and hang from the mailbox flag using white floss.
    9. Layer and glue together the pink flower, the painted chipboard heart, the blue flower, and the white button. Attach all to the inside of the mailbox door, using dimensional adhesive.