Love Painted Bread Board

Love Painted Bread Board

Posted by DecoArt on Aug 31st 2016

Add some love to kitchen décor with a bread board painted with Americana Decor® Chalky Finish™ paints.


    • palette or plastic plate
    • paper towels
    • sandpaper
    • pencil
    • sea sponge
    • stylus
    • scrapbook paper
    • paper tag
    • #10/0 liner brush
    • wooden knob
    • wire
    • various stamps
    • #12 shader brush
    • #16 shader brush
    • jute
    • wood boards
    • 5/8" dome brush
    • archival ink
    • script stamp
    • heart keys
    • drill and drill bits



    When using the Media Misters, a little goes a long way. Mixing with water will lighten the color.

    1. Wood cutting: Cut the bread board from 3/4" wood (if using the knob). If you don’t use the knob and just paint the board, you can cut it from 1/4" or 1/2" wood.
    2. Drill a 1/8” hang hole at the top.
    3. Drill a hole at the bottom that the knob will fit into.
    4. Sand and remove dust.
    5. Background: Using the #16 shader brush, basecoat with a 1:1 mix of Heirloom and Primer & Sealer. Let dry.
    6. Lightly sand and remove dust.
    7. Basecoat again using only Heirloom. Let dry.
    8. Dip a sea sponge in water and wring out most of the water. Wipe the sponge over the surface.(You want it to be wet, but not drippy.)
    9. Load the wet sponge with Treasure, pouncing on the palette or plastic plate to load. When applying to the surface, twist back and forth. (As you can see on the photo, the wood is wet, but not drippy. This is how you want the surface to stay while adding in the other colors.)
    10. Instruction #9
    11. Using a dirty sponge, load with Rouge. Pounce and blend on the palette. (The surface is still damp; pick up water with the sponge as needed.)
    12. Instruction #10
    13. Spray a little Yellow (Shimmer) and Purple Mister onto the surface, using the sponge to blend in different areas.
    14. Spray on a little more Yellow (Shimmer). (You can add as much of any one color as you like.) Continue to pounce and blend the background colors.
    15. Instruction #12
    16. Add in more Purple Mister; keep pouncing and twisting, adding water as needed. Continue pouncing and blending until you get the color you want. Let it dry.
    17. Instruction #13
    18. Make sure the surface is completely dry. Use black ink for all background stamping. (You can use any stamps you like. It adds interest on the background.) Randomly stamp different stamps over the entire surface. Use the key, scribble, postage stamps, and XOXO, if you choose to do so.
    19. Instruction #14
    20. Cut the word "Love" from scrapbook paper. Paint the letters with Rouge. Let dry.
    21. Apply Matte Decou-Page to the back of paper. Place the letters onto the surface. Press to smooth out and make sure there are no bubbles under the paper. (You can use a credit card or any hard plastic to do the same.) Let dry.
    22. Shade the top half with Purple Mister.
    23. Shade the bottom with Yellow (Shimmer) Mister.
    24. Shade around the outside edge of paper, the small hearts, and the large heart with Purple Mister.
    25. Paint the small hearts with Rouge. (Don’t cover completely.)
    26. Lighten the hearts with a little Red Mister.
    27. Paint the large heart with Lace. Let dry. Using the dome brush, pick up Lace and pounce on the top half of heart.
    28. Load the same dirty brush with Rouge and pounce on the bottom. (You want the two colors to fade into one another in the center.)
    29. Instruction #23
    30. Using the same brush, pick up a little Red Mister and go over the Rouge.
    31. Clean out the brush on a paper towel. (But no water.)
    32. Load again with Yellow (Shimmer) Mister; pounce on the top. Let dry.
    33. Paint the strokes with Lace, using the liner brush.
    34. Paint the tag with Carbon. Let dry.
    35. Paint the center with Red Mister. Let dry.
    36. Shade around the edge with Purple Mister.
    37. Lightly paint the letters with Lace and paint the squiggle lines around the edge.
    38. Paint all the stitching around the edge and the designs with Carbon. Let dry.
    39. Paint the edge and back with Carbon.
    40. Brush on just a little Purple and Yellow (Shimmer) Misters on the keyhole knob. (The keyhole knob was painted with off-white and aged when I purchased it.)
    41. Instruction #34
    42. Finishing: Spray with several coats of Matte Spray Finish, letting the sealer dry in between coats.
    43. Add knob in the hole at the center bottom.
    44. Hang the key with wire. Hang the tag with jute.


    "love" Bread Board Pattern
    "love" Tag Pattern