Make it: Lemonade Glasses

Make it: Lemonade Glasses

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 28th 2013

Nothing says summertime like a nice glass of lemonade. Except a nice glass of lemonade in a colorful striped glass that you made yourself. I kind of love how bright and fun these glasses are. I think they would make a summertime party more fun. My kids love them even just at dinner and fight over who gets which color.

You could make them in any color (favorite team's colors anyone?) or you could make each glass multicolored. Either way they are going to turn out fun.

And, even better, they're easy to make!

Items Needed:

  • Round Clear Glasses
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Brush


Wrap your glass with painter's tape being careful to keep it as smooth as possible so that you don't get paint under it. (This is a little tricky.) Also, be sure to keep your stripes as parallel as possible. Make the top layer a non painted layer so that your lips don't actually touch the paint while you are drinking.

Instruction Image #1

Then begin to brush the Crystal Gloss Enamel on. It took about 3 layers for me to get it as dark as I wanted. Let it dry between layers.

Instruction Image #2

When you remove the tape you should have stripes:

Instruction Image #3

Pssst....they're also good with just water in them. But lemonade would be better.

Instruction Image #4

Be sure to stop by and visit me at Crazy Little Projects. I'll have lots more projects with paint coming your way.

Instruction Image #5