Mandala Painted Rock Flowers

Mandala Painted Rock Flowers

Posted by DecoArt on Jul 27th 2017

Paint pretty patterns on your rocks before you hide them with Americana Multi-Surface!


    • stylus or pencil
    • chalk pencil
    • 1/2" stencil brush
    • e6000 adhesive
    • 1/2 inch flat brush


    1. I used assorted beach rocks and pebbles. Take a walk along the beach, or visit your local landscaping store. Gather assorted dotting tools of various sizes.
    2. Instruction #1
    3. Draw a circle on your rock. Mark with a cross to find the center. Dot with Cotton Ball. I like to use the eraser to create large dots.
    4. Instruction #2
    5. Use the cross lines as a template. Dot with Coastal Waters using a stylus.
    6. Instruction #3
    7. Use the end of a brush to dot with Apple Green.
    8. Instruction #4
    9. Dot with Lipstick. Place the dots between the green dots leaving space between.
    10. Instruction #5
    11. Dot the white center with Canary. Dot the green and red dots with Cotton Ball.
    12. Instruction #6
    13. Dot between the red dots with Purple Sunset.
    14. Instruction #7
    15. Dot the purple dots with Flamingo. Dot between the purple dots with Coastal Waters. Dot the next row with larger dots of Canary.
    16. Instruction #8
    17. Dot the yellow dots with Pumpkin Patch. Dot around the yellow with Cotton Ball.
    18. Instruction #9
    19. You could keep on going with more colors if you want, or you can finish here with some green dots. Dot the green with Canary.
    20. Instruction #10
    21. For additional projects, try basecoating some in different colors first. Hide your rocks or gift them to a friend!
    22. Instruction #11


    Mandala Rocks