Matte Metallic Rose Gold Nightstand

Matte Metallic Rose Gold Nightstand

Posted by DecoArt on Mar 6th 2017

Americana Decor Metallic stripes look stunning against a matte metallic background.


    • ruler
    • flat brush
    • painter's tape
    • ultra-fine point black marker
    • nightstand


    1. In a separate container, mix together an entire jar of Rose Gold (90%), with very small amounts of Primitive (5%), and Cherish (5%).
    2. With a flat brush, paint the entire nightstand in the mix.
    3. Instruction #2
    4. Using a ruler and a ultra-fine tip permanent marker, mark out the design. First, mark out the center of each side of the drawers. Connect the centers to make a diamond shape. Make this stripe about a 1/2" thick. Then make your next stripe about 1-1/2" apart. Repeat until drawer fronts are covered.
    5. Use painter's tape to mark off the stripes. With a flat brush, paint Rose Gold in stripes. Re-attach knobs.
    6. Instruction #4