Media Mister Wall Plaques

Media Mister Wall Plaques

Posted by DecoArt on Oct 8th 2014

Having received the gorgeous DecoArt Acrylic Mister Paints, I knew I had to have a good play with them! I decided to use four different images to transfer, one stencil,  a black colored pencil, various media line acrylic colors, four identical die cuts from chipboard and a selection of the beautiful Media Line Misters from DecoArt to  make a set of wall plaques.

Items Needed:


Cut four identical die cuts from chipboard and coat with gesso.

Paint each die cut with chosen media acrylics - at least two coats. Dry between coats.

Instruction Image #2

Adjust background colors with Media acrylics as necessary.

Instruction Image #3

Use stencil (use non permanent spray adhesive to help keep stencil in place) and chosen acrylic misters to apply color. Leave to dry.

Instruction Image #4

Use a black pencil to shade areas of the plaque as required.

Instruction Image #5

Very gently add a thin coat of Matte Medium to seal the colors - be careful not to disturb the pencil shading. Leave to dry.

Use Andy Skinner's image transfer method to apply chosen images using matte medium and computer printout.

Instruction Image #7

Once the image transfer process is complete, leave the pieces to dry thoroughly.

Ink the edges with archival ink and a piece of cut and dry foam.

Instruction Image #9

Add one layer of Ultra Matte Varnish to seal and finish each plaque.

Instruction Image #10

Remember to look after the nozzles on your misters as these contain paint. Always carefully clean your misters after use by flushing the nozzle through with clean water and always wiping clean after use.