Meet the DecoArt Design Team - Micaela

Meet the DecoArt Design Team - Micaela

Posted by DecoArt on Sep 11th 2014

Micaela Spiggle has been a Design Assistant at DecoArt, Inc. for over two years. She studied Fine Arts for 2 years at Vincennes University in Vincennes, IN. She lived in Indiana 9 years before moving to Kentucky in 2009. She enjoys drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking.

In her role, she gets to create design patterns for our canvas painting program, Social Artworking. After the design is complete, she must write up step-by-step instructions for the painting and take step-by-step photos to match the written instructions. She also gets to design and paint projects for stores such as; Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabric, A.C Moore, Home Depot, and more. Another part of her job is Product Testing. She gets to play with our new products and make sure they can perform all the tasks needed.

During her free time, Micaela enjoys crafting at home and freelancing as a photographer. She has shot two weddings so far and is excited about doing more in the future. She also did some photography for a close friend for his band.

Before working at DecoArt, Micaela had a part-time job at the Community Art Center in Danville, KY. There she would create and teach painting classes at their “Starry Night Studio.” Working there was a good learning experience for her to learn to work with children, big groups, and taught her how to break down paintings in short, easy steps.

While attending VU, Micaela received an Honorable Mention Award at the Juried Student Art Show in 2009 for her charcoal drawing titled, “Still Life.” She had a total of 5 pieces that got voted in the show in 2009 and 3 pieces in 2008. She also got 7 pieces of her art published into the Humanities book for Art, poems, and short stories.