Meet the DecoArt Design Team

Meet the DecoArt Design Team

Posted by DecoArt on Apr 22nd 2014

You’ve seen their work all over our websites, on signs in your local craft store and in numerous magazines. We’d like to introduce you to our in-house design team. These four ladies are the creative force that beats at the heart of DecoArt. They are called on to accomplish some crazy things sometimes on a very short deadline. They test all of our products, making sure they are just right for you, our consumers. And...they answer all of those questions you have about products. Without further ado, the DecoArt Design Department!

We want to introduce you today to, Donna Bush, Manager of Creative Education & Design.

Donna ‘s creative abilities were evident very early in life. Along with the usual art supplies, like crayons, finger paints and pencils, Donna liked tools. At age 5, she built a “coffee table” from scrap lumber and painted it turquoise as a gift for her mom. Measurements being about 15” high, 18” long and four different heights for the legs probably had something to do with its disappearance within a few days. Not to be deterred, Donna continued to hone her creative skills through the years by creating custom art, selling at craft shows and open houses as well as painting for businesses, family and friends.

Moving with her family to Kentucky from Maryland in 1993, Donna soon found DecoArt. She worked as an outside designer for a time before being hired as a full time in-house designer in 1997. Working at DecoArt has opened the doors to so many new products, new techniques, new friends and the opportunity to share knowledge through teaching others.

The position of designer has been described as the “fun job”. Donna says that it is indeed her dream job as it would be for anyone who loves to work in a creative environment surrounded by paints, craft tools and every known embellishment. Researching new ideas, shopping for flea market finds and enjoying the company of like-minded creative beings are definite perks not found in the average workplace. And yes, this is a fun job!

At home, Donna and husband, Barrie, have a working farm and are active members of their local farmers’ market. They grow five acres of produce as well as fruit trees and a vineyard. Donna makes the preserves, jams, pickles and relishes sold at their booth. Every Friday night during market season, is baking night. Breads, cakes and more are made for Saturday’s outdoor market day. To all the other hats, Donna wears, we will add a chef’s hat as well.