Meet the Maker: Ginoza Costuming

Meet the Maker: Ginoza Costuming

Posted by DecoArt on Jun 30th 2019

Our Meet the Maker series features a variety of creators using DecoArt products in their fields including fine art, crafts, DIY, and more! This July, we are excited to feature our first DecoArt cosplayer, Brittani, of Ginoza Costuming

Cosplay simply means "costume play" which is an art form were cosplayers wear costumes and carry accessories that represent a specific character from a movie, book, video game, comic, or tv show. Many cosplayers create their own costumes that they wear at conventions, events, and cosplay competitions. These competitions are based on their skill and the craftsmanship of their creations.

Brittani Ginoza is a costume and prop maker from Columbus, Ohio. She is well known for her eye-catching painting style and detailed costume construction. Brittani loves to compete and has even represented the United States twice in international cosplay competitions. When Brittani is not constructing big armor builds she is always up for talking shop with other cosplayers. For her, the best thing about cosplay is learning new skills with every project and meeting makers in the community. 

Check out some of her costumes above and props below:

This is a picture (and NOT a graphic) of her wall crest. It looks so flat because of the black velvet background, matte Americana Acrylics, and Brittani's skillful painting. 

Functional Backpack (made completely from scratch)
DecoArt SoSoft | Americana Acrylics + Fabric Medium

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